Monday, November 14, 2011

Dark Elf Executioners

So the journey of the Dark Elves continues with the inclusion of 29 Executioners. Right away I knew that these models were going to be interesting to paint up as they would be mostly armor, so lots of metal coloring. When we looked at GWs original color scheme and agreed immediately that it was too silver. Not enough contrast and not dark enough to fit into the theme we were going for.
With that in mind, I did up a test model using more Bronze in the coloring. Going a bit more overboard with the Delvan Mud washes than I normally do to give it a bit darker feel to it also.

They still need basing done, but that will be done to the army as a whole once everything is completed.

Again the color scheme was easy to put together and these 29 guys even with the test model only took 15 hrs to complete. This project is really pushing me to try new techniques, while also doing it in a timely manner. Prior to this project to get to this level of detail would take upwards of 1.5 hrs per model, whereas in batches they are as quick as almost 30 minutes per.

Will see if I can keep that speed going when I do up the 7 additions that I just received to add to this unit. Champion included. 

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