Monday, November 14, 2011

Dark Elves are coming..

So while I have been working on some painting commissions, another large project came across my desk. A good friend of mine has asked me to paint up a 5000 point Dark Elf army. All in the codex color scheme of metals and purples.

So far I have started up on the basic Troopers, the Dark Elf Warriors. Normally I loathe painting up line troopers, however these were actually quite nice to paint up and did so quite quickly also.

The brief on these was simple enough though. Do them bright, but not super bright. The flash on the Sony Neo make them brighter than they should be, but hopefully I will get better photos posted up soon enough.

Coloring was simple enough and allowed me to finish up 58 of them in a paltry 20 hrs.. which is quite quick all things considered.

Metals were my basic recipe. Bronze, heavy Delvan Mud wash, brass.
Purple was Warlock Purple, Liche Purple, Purple Ink, Pink/Purple mix.
Silver is gunmetal, with Silver highlight.
Flesh is Foundation Flesh, with Ogryn Flesh wash.

As stated the painting went quickly, the palette is easy to do up, and the color scheme works well across the whole army. More posts to come of other units as they get finished, and time permits to write them up.


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