Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ultraforge Models

Greater Deamon of Nurgle 40k
Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a fairly large DoC army, that is constantly being expanded upon. A few years back, I was looking for someone to provide a better alternative to a well known distributor of Greater Deamons.. thankfully UltraForge did just that..

While looking through their website, the choices available at the time were limited, but enough for what I needed. I immediately picked up one of each model.

Bad news though was that it took forever to get shipped out to Turkey from Canada. After many emails back and forth they did finally arrive, but not after 1 got returned from Customs, and 1 got lost in the mail. But the batch that made it through had the guy above in as a sorry item, so all is forgiven. Was looking for GDs that could fit into both Fantasy and 40k universe, but the above deamon was much better suited for 40k and thus is the only one to get a round base out of the group.

So once all the shipping mess was finished, digging into the models proved to be great. The models are made of great resin quality, little to no imperfections found, and everything fit without having to break out the green stuff to fill gaps. Have to say it was a top notch work done on these models.

Greater deamon of Khorne
It is obvious from the models that the lower legs are used in both the Nurgle and Khorne styled GDs, but the top parts show completely different models and its a moot point once they are all painted up anyways.

The details shown on the model really opens up for some serious skin work in layering to be done. This one was done first, and was completed almost 3+ yrs ago now. If I had the chance to do another one I think I would try a bit more blends in the coloring here, and make the red come from a darker starting color or base. That and then go a bit more orange/yellow as a top highlight also to really show off the levels available on the model.

For the Nurgle GD, what can you say.. I mean the thing has to much detail on it. I spent a lot more time on this model than I did on the others, and I think it shows. I also tried a new rust technique found from Cool Mini or Not painting guide, that I have used quite often since. The rust was a simple recipe of silver base, stipple with darkflesh and orange, and wash with brown ink, and reapply the silver highlights. I think more variations can be made from it, but it was a dead easy method, and turned out nice on this model.

Greater Deamon of Nurgle Fantasy
This is probably the first model I attempted really layering paints in thin layers to achieve a more smooth transition between colors. It was also the first attempt to do something like glowing aspects of the model or OSL. Can't say that it came out great, but can say that it gave the model a different look, and pulls a bit of focus towards the face.

All the blood areas were painted up from a white base, followed with a red gore/blood red layers. From here, purple ink and Tamiya Clear Red were applied as a mix to give it some depth and feeling of congealed blood. Again a recipe found online from created by Mika who has an unbelievable talent for such things that go bump in the night. Once completed however I did a few extra layers of Tamiya Clear Red and Gloss Varnish to make it really shine.

Greater Deamon of Slannesh
The other model was the GD for Slannesh. Not my best model, however painted up based on a blue scheme. This is a model that will most like be stripped at one time ( more so than she is already ;) ), and redone as I know I can do better than this and make the model really pop for the table. For the time being it works however, and could use a bit more details picked out in the meantime. Though next time it will get the full Slannesh work over. Light skin tone, and pink/purple everything else.

Only model that I was unable to get, due to not being released at the time, was the deamon related to Tzeentch. However, the new bigger deamon version of it is one that I would love to get in the future, so who knows, maybe it will happen.

So there you go, the models from UltraForge that full fill my GD section in my Deamons of Chaos army. I have had the pleasure of using them all in various games, and even a mega event where all 4 came out to join in on the fun. Incredible battle, and a post for the future indeed.

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