Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lineage 2 - Dark Elf - Unboxing

So as the chaos that is my eventual move to UK continues onward, I received a new package from China! This time a very different model.

What is interesting since my last visit to Germany is that my taste of painting models has shifted radical. Going from 28mm to 140-225mm "miniatures". I guess I have to use that word miniatures loosely now.

But yeah, anyways.. this new model is one that stands 225mm tall. Made out of a weird time of resin, and came straight from the bowels of China! Picked it up from the a site called and their service was quite good. Within a few days of of ordering it, I received a confirmation mail that my order was shipped and was given a tracking number! On the regular shipping option as well!

Then barely 2 weeks later i received it on my desk. So here is a quick little unpacking of the order.. though I will not tackle it properly until we finalize the move itself. But it will be the first model that I attempt to paint once the new studio is put together!

Reason for this purchase though is that my wife's birthday is coming up, and when we first met, almost 11 yrs ago now, we both became hooked to this Lineage 2 MMO game. And her character just so happened to be a Dark Elf Sorceress! So when I had found this online, I knew what I had to pick up for her!

So onward with the photos!!!!

A second box within the first shipping box. This one wrapped with bubble wrap and also with 2 plastic holders to keep it from shifting. 

Inside the box. A nice little postcard sized photo of the model with the boxart painting. Though for this piece my wife would like it to be more in line with the colors that her character was when she played on in Lineage 2 oh so many years ago. 

3 bags, with each part individually separated and more bubble wrap. This thing was super securely wrapped up. 

Here you can see the 3 bags spread out. The finer pieces are bubble wrapped once more, and the thin long pieces are taped up with cardboard. Wow! Just great on this!

And the final shot. I could not resist to at least try to get the main components together ( Body, Head, and Legs ) to see the true size of it. 225mm is quite large as you can see from the 1 Euro coin reference!

Honestly I am kind of blown away by this model and all I have done with it so far is take it out of it's box! Like.. Dammmn.

It does have some major pieces of mold injection pieces on the parts. And I know this will be one heck of a learning curve on how to work it and put it together. Especially the process of prep. Where I really need to make sure that the parts where it has the extra resin, or flash is really smoothed down. Since it will really show on a model of this size.

But all of that aside, I am really looking forward to what I can do with this kind of model. Especially since I am not planning to paint it traditional Garage Kit style, and will see if I can give it a more interesting spin on the piece. See if I can add some life the large flat sections and what not.

So yeah.. look forward to this project coming together in the later part of this year! I suspect that if all goes well, this will not be the last of these models that you will see here!

Oh and before I finish this Monday post.. my wonderful wife's first comment on it ( aside from this will be cool ) was that it looks like a Barbie doll. Really have to make the painting NOT make it look like one then :) Good luck to me on that...

Let me know what you think of it below! And if you have ever painted something like this before.. any advice is very much appreciated!!!


  1. Hola
    Bonita pieza,esta marca tiene buenas cosas,yo pinte para una amiga la digamos del bien
    estaré a tentó a esos pinceles
    un saludo

  2. Good MR Lee a resin kit ! I follow you nice model ;)

    1. Yes.. let us see how this adventure goes here.. might see more of them in the future! Saw the honeybee bust there too but is still in pre-order status so.. let's see for the future on that one..

  3. Now that's a big mini! And a beautiful model too I am looking forward to seeing what you can do with her. I can easily follow your growing preference for larger scale models, I am myself slowly progressing from 28 mm minis to 70mm. Have fun :-)

    1. Yes it is definitely growing here... :) And great to see you moving outside the comfort zone of 28mm models also!

  4. Don't mess her! I played some years a dark elf sorceress in LII so I pretty good know how she has to look :D

    1. My wife played this character for almost 2 yrs in L2.. I can say that I have a very serious critic here already on making sure that I do not mess it up! But it will get the grey/purple skintone though, and an off blue black tone coloring for the clothing. Will see how that part goes!

    2. Purple skin sounds good. In game mine had this too ;) I am really curious on the results.
      Mr Lee going to big scale :)

    3. Yes.. seems that this trend is happening.. bigger and bigger.. up and up! Let's see how long I can last with it, as these projects tend to take longer than my patience can normally hold!

  5. Lovely looking kit. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it :D

    1. Thanks Simon.. I am also looking forward to what I do with it :D Am very curious on how it turns out...


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