Monday, November 4, 2013

Painting Jams and Early Bday gifts!

So the weekend was a whirlwind of activities for me... Started it off with a quick run around the park with some work colleagues on Saturday, and then held a painting jam at the local club on Sunday!

Channeled my inner Massive Voodoo, I tried to show some of the club members how to use Wet Palettes and the Wet-on-Wet blending. Not quite sure that I pulled it off so well, and might have channeled my inner Gomer instead... with some tidbits floating to the top I think..

Maybe I will get another chance to show some others a few things I learned from the classes soon enough. But during the class I received a message from Roman that made me look like the photo above again...

An early warning of a very cool birthday gift from Roman himself!

Quite the gift considering that he basically painted it in my likeness. Quite humbled by this, and now I need to figure out something for him as well :) Thankfully I have 9 more months to go before his shows up. :)

Now to continue the rest of the week and try to hide the massive grin on my face from this news! In the meantime.. more Dwarf Bust progress and other news coming up!


  1. That's an awesome gift! When is your bday? *awaiting a bday post then* :)

    1. Mid December.. so kinda early yes.. but still ;) Very awesome!

  2. Hola
    JAJAJA que pintas muy buenos
    La pieza es alucinante y un magnifico regalo
    un saludo

  3. That's a sweet gift! He's really found a new love in that scale hasn't he? The sheer amount of minis he's cranked out kinda gives it away.


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