Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo tests..

Yeah, it is a filler post here.. but one that has some more test shots of some of my later models here.. let me know what you think.

My shots previously of this Warpsmith..

Afterwards..  back in the light box, and taken with my macro lens, and in full manual mode. Though not sure which option or photo I like the most out of the group here.

Then we have the more controversial photo shot of my Mephiston painting.. the original..

And then taken again once I move the camera from a semi-automated mode, to full manual. I am a bit surprised actually with regards to how well it came out by just tweaking the settings a bit. Same light source, same light box, and no editing on the second photo!

So what do you think? Can I improve them more? I hope to do so in time, but are the newer updated photos showing them off better enough or what?

Comments or suggestions on how I can improve them better?


  1. Using your light box, I prefer the second, third and fifth shots. The ones with the very black background. Nice minis too! Best, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean. I like the 2nd/3rd ones too, but the 5th? Really? Not the last one? Interesting!

  2. The second Mephiston picture is very good, looks like it was painted by a different guy!

    1. Yes, I know.. actually it was.. NOT! I received that comment so many times though now.. it is crazy how much it can differ though!


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