Friday, May 10, 2013

Chaos Warpsmith + Austrians..

So while I have been working on the Austrians ( can be seen in the background ) I was getting really fed up with them. In order to keep the peace in a 20km radius from my house, I decided to do a quick paint job of a Chaos Warpsmith.

Zzzzzz had mentioned when I saw him last week that he wanted him to join the Cleaved division. So that was fairly easy enough to follow. Most of the armor pieces are in the Cleaved colors, and then I did a mix of metal colors for the rest of him. Followed by a lot of washes, and then pigments, and then oil, and then some bright pigments ( from Forged Monkey ) to make the lighted sections really pop on the model.

Was a really quick paint job ( maybe 2 hrs tops? ) so not much to go into details on. Most of the base color of black and Rakesh Flesh was applied with the airbrush. Then the metals by normal brush, then a massive brush for the washes and pigment washes. Was a lot of fun to paint up actually.

Also the photos are worse than usual as I have received some very negative ( though trying to be helpful? ) comments from the local guys about my photos. How they do not do my models justice. As a result one of the guys will pop by and help me figure out my photo set up and camera better to take better photos in the future.

He took shots of the Mephiston model with his iPhone and it came out better than my photos.. see below..

So will hopefully get some "lessons" from him soon, and improve my photos as well.

In the meantime here are some more angles of the Warpsmith..

Also a comparison shot of him vs Mephiston.. seeing what 2 hrs vs 16 hrs looks like :)

And finally a shot of the Austrians.. blurry, slightly out of focus, and from a distance..

60 down, another 36 to go, plus 6 cannons with their crew, and 12 cavalry. Going to be some long painful nights when I get back from holidays.

So enjoy the photos.. and expect some holiday related photos coming up as I and the Mrs are off to Tenerife for a week to relax, drink, and soak up some sun ( which means I will be sunburnt within hours of landing there! ). Cheers and see you all in a week or so!


  1. Very nice work and best of luck on the rest.

  2. Great work, I can see the difference of 2 to 16! That 16 hours is amazing.

  3. I do quite like that mini. He is very imposing - fills out the base more than the Imperial version. Even for a quick job he looks the goods.

  4. Hola
    Se me paso algunas de tus entradas,y las e repasado muy buenas
    En estas minis la que mas me gusta y es a titulo el mephisto,a un que el otro con tanto curro te a quedado muy guapo.
    un saludo

  5. Thanks all.. was an interesting model to paint up. The warpsmith, not the austrians unfortunately.. Let's see how it goes for painting up the rest!


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