Monday, May 20, 2013

Project UK: Loup Garau WIP

Yes, Holidays are over, and I am back at painting! Well, to be honest, painting is like holidays for me at times anyways so this is OK for me :)

First up is to get back on track with the Project UK batch #3! And seeing so many posts concerning Infinity as of late ( like BuRock's 112 Emergency Service, Raffa and his PanOceania's, and Tryzna's Merovingian Starter, or Tryzna's Yu Jing ) I figured why not join suit!

So for me here are some of the WIP shots of me working on the Loup Garau from Ariadna forces. Nice group, with the want of them to be like the boxart ( or as close as I can get to Studio Giraldez'a paint job as I could get! ).

Was a nice way to spend Sunday though that is for sure! Interspersed with hanging out with my little one..

And here are some WIP as I went along shots..

The last shot showing the wet palette at the end.. minus some greens for the viral ammo in the grenade launcher ( would not want to be on the receiving end of that! ).

Oh and before anyone asks.. no airbrush work was used on the models except to lay down a foundation. I new start for me it seems!

I will post up the final shots of the group tomorrow. I suspect the photos are still not up to par for many, but they are what they are for now. Just need to arrange a time for meeting up with my buddy to figure out the camera settings more.. and or to make a better photo set up booth as well.. either or..

Hope you enjoy, and expect more updates coming soon!


  1. Hola
    Pues tienen buena pinta
    Ese azul esta conseguido
    un saludo

    1. Gracias JD
      Yo estaba realmente tratando de blues allí por el manto, y realmente me gustó cómo salió en la final! Sobre todo porque todo era con pincel en lugar de con el aerógrafo como yo lo he hecho en el pasado. Húmedo sobre húmedo técnica ampliamente utilizada aquí!

  2. Really nice models Mr Lee and great paint

  3. Did you do the 2K priming by airbrush? Vallejo primers black & white?
    I do it by aerosol cans and since I like the Vallejo primers wonder if that would be a good alternative if the cans are empty.

    And great paintjob so far. The workshop really help improve painting skills it seems :) Not that it was bad on the opposite but know I have the feeling it is one step higher (as far as you can tell that by pictures).

    1. Thanks Paradox0n.. and yeah it is all with Airbrush. But not with black/white primer. Just black primer, and then used 2 grey and a white for final bits. Dark Sea Grey, Medium Sea Grey, and White all from the Vallejo Model Air range.

      And yeah there are some influences from the workshop in there indeed. Especially on the cloaks which was all Wet on Wet blending. I really liked how it came out, and I could still manipulate it a bit before it dried to its final colors.

      Thanks for the compliments on the paint jobs!

  4. Very nice. Waiting for the finals.

  5. They look superb, very nice Mr Lee.

  6. Cant wait for the ressult. Looking great so far, but blue on the cloak seems bit boring, maybee add some turquise tones to enrich the colours?

    1. Thanks for this Tryzna.. and actually looking back at how they were originally painted up by Giraldez, he did use a lot more Turquise in the mix indeed. But I have a lot of trouble with that color at the moment :) Will try it in the future again when I can be a bit more bold :) But good eye there for them!


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