Friday, May 31, 2013

Kitbashed Herald of Khorne! No Failcast here!

This was a quick paint job to satisfy painting up something for the Warseer's tale of painters Fantasy division. I am starting to fall behind as I am supposed to paint up 200 pts per month for that challenge, and I have not done that for a while now! Shhh don't tell the organizers!

Though I am still ahead due to a larger batch closer to the beginning of the tale.

So, as stated, this was a quick paint job I did last night after work. Couple hours of work. Nothing majorly fancy on it.

Sword was done with airbrush, and came out reasonably well. I say reasonably well, due to the mess on the underside tip. It seems the tape came up a bit and let some of the darker colors from the other side slip through! Oh well, I won't be looking at the bottom of the sword much anyways so :) My view will be more of the one below..

With his back to me charging forth to slay his enemies!

The rest of the model was a mix of airbrush and washes. Again nothing fancy here. Biggest thing here was me trying to do more shading on the red by using Dark Sea Blue. I have to admit, the meme that states "One simply does not paint, without Dark Sea Blue" is quite spot on. That Boromir.. he knows his stuff ;)

Gold was just Vallejo Liquid Gold, with Sepia washes on it. Again nothing special about it really, and I probably can do more but it was a quick paint job so no problems.

The base was the fun part to paint up here. This whole model is from the Skull Cannon kit and the kitbash came from an article I read over on SpikyBitz. Taking the back of the Herald's Throne, and making it into a surfboard ( for lack of words here ) you can still use his incredibly long stance on a 25mm base. Taking the surfboard idea to another level, I tried to make it look like he is surfing on some lava, as he charges into the enemy!

I mean what is more scary than a fierce daemon with massive sword coming at you? One that is surfing on lava of course!

Some more shots below..

Of course my only concern now is how well he will rank up with other bloodletters, but that is future Mr Lee's problem.. current Mr Lee is just happy to see another daemon model finished :)

Hope you enjoy! I have a weekend full of painting planned now, so expect a lot of items to be shown next week ( I hope! ). More so since I will be on a business trip again, and painting time will be severely restricted once more. :(

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. He's a little beauty for a chaos bloodletting machine!

    1. Thanks Fran! He was fun to paint up!

  2. He looks great. I like the way you have done the sword especially.

  3. Hola
    Muy buen trabajo,tanto de aerógrafo por la espada,como el rojo de la piel
    La peana también me gusta un montón
    un saludo


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