Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm a winner!

Or at least I was a while back! Ian from The Blog With No Name fame had a contest running back in April based on a Hobbit styled birthday giveaway. And it seems that I won the 20 GBP prize that I could spent as I wanted! It was quite nice of Ian to do this, and he even trusted me that I would spend it on miniatures as he just sent me the money via paypal almost immediately!

So with that faith in hand, I immediately went about and figured out what was the best thing to spend this ill-gotten loot on! The thing with it is that really I am not in need of any more gaming models, so I started to look at more niche type models that could make for some nice display pieces! This is where the search got a bit deep, and I ended up with some models from Kabuki.

Models that I selected were from the individual and pin-up range. 2 Sci-fi remakes of historical generals ( can you guess who they are? :P ), and a pin up of a female soldier. Seems she has been working up quite a sweat while taking out some alien infestation!

The Sci-fi guys are made of resin, and the pin up of metal. But I have to say that the pin up model is small! Much smaller than I suspected it to be as can be seen below ( and I will do a proper review of them later one! ).

I really cannot wait to work on these models. I have an idea for Napoleon, but the rest I am unsure of still.

Now some might wonder why it has taken me so long to post up about this contest that happened way back in April?!?!? Simple answer.. simple delays! I had ordered them from Wayland Games almost immediately after finding out that I won. They were "supposedly" in stock at the time, but this was when WG were still figuring out their stock levels system on their site. So it was more of a gamble as to if it really was in stock or not. It came into stock 2 more times over the last 2 months though, both times not sent out to me though which was strange, but in the end I have received them and that is all that matters!

So expect a more proper review of them in the near future and also any ideas on how to base them up can be put on in below!

Thanks again to Ian from The Blog With No Name fame!


  1. Very many congratulations, some splendid miniatures here.

  2. Congrats and a nice selection of figs to play with :D

  3. Do I see it right? The SciFi Napoleon is a Resin miniature? I have one in metal.

  4. Gz,enjoy painting them, Rommel seems great!;-)

  5. Sci-Fi Rommel... Myohmy :-) Looking forward to the paintjob. Some more dessert oriented perhaps? For the Wüstenfuchs this seems more fitting :-)

  6. Thanks all.. I think they are great choices also, and I really can't wait to dive into them. All the ideas are great though, keep them coming! Am taking notes and looking now at how I could make them work!

  7. I will follow this with a great deal of interest, not least because I have my first resin figures to paint :-)

    Also glad you finally got them. Really was a pleasure running the giveaway and the way you have ended up selecting the figures really made me happy you won.


    1. Yes, I have to say that this gave me the opportunity to try something out of the box for painting. Something that I want to do more of in the future! Not sure when I will tackle them, but be sure to keep an eye out for them!

      Thanks again for the great contest!


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