Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Batch 2... WIP 3

Wow.. long time between the updates..

Just have to say that the black is a complete Bee's Itch.. But it is finished now. Next step is the bronze.. however that is going to be tomorrow.. as my hands are cramping up at the moment. :)

Last photo of the day..

So it is time for a beer, watch a final episode of Hawaii 5-0, and hit the bed. Then back at it tomorrow where I hope to finish the lot of them :) Let's see if that happens though..


  1. Fine looking bunch here and good luck tomorrow on finishing up.

  2. Amazing, hat well and truly doffed!

  3. Thanks both.. have already been at it for 2.5 hrs today.. and more progress posted.. expect many more updates throughout the day!


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