Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Batch 2... WIP 2

Annnnnnnnd next update.. red sections are done up.. next is the grey areas for the bases..

So not bad for just a little over an hour worth of time.. even better when you think it is for 100 models at a time ;) Oh, and have I ever said that I love my airbrush? :)

Quick lunch and then back at it though.. and having a good time watching Hawaii 5-0 the series..

Oh and just realized that I hit 20k views? NICE!!! Let's see what I can do about that..


  1. That's a stunning amount of models – would take me forever to get through that lot!

    I'm watching your progress with interest.

  2. I am also watching with interest, I was doing ok painting today then my paint pot stand arived!!!! I'm blaming you!


  3. You sir are a painting machine!

  4. Good Lord that is an insane amount in one hit, outstanding effort Sir!

  5. Thanks guys... currently through half the black parts of this batch. Used the airbrush to get the guns and backpacks finished, now to go with normal brush on the rest of the parts. Will also finish off the bases before the next update.. but it is going well.. :)

  6. You are a madman, working at an unbelievable pace.

  7. Thanks Adam.. just posted the last update for tonight, and am hoping to finish the batch tomorrow.. only 4 more models left of this commission before I can move onto the next one ;)


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