Monday, August 20, 2012

Project UK: Redcoats Batch 1

YAY.. only about 3 hrs after the last update I have the first batch of 20 Imperial Redcoat Renegades finished.

So here are some photos..

Longest part of them is the base colors. Mostly the black and then the bronze sections. The red/grey colors are easy as they done with the airbrush, with a bit of a touch up on the grey by brush.

Last step is the complete wash stage of Delvan Mud and Dark Tone shade. Which really ties the models together and makes them a bit more grungy.

So that is it for today.. let's see how tomorrow goes.. as I hope that I can get more done. Will see I guess..

Upside.. got to watch the movie Equilibrium, and quite a few episodes of That 70's Show.. great time waster.. not sure what will be on the boob tube tomorrow though..

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