Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project UK: Satyr Commander and Warrior Mystic

So to kick off Sunday morning here are 2 beauties to help lead the pack from last night.

First up a Privateer Press commander..

Very simple paint job on this one, with lots of red once more due to the massive cloak there.

Next was the Warrior Mystic.. I call her a Mystic cause she has that crazy hair. And to be honest, I just figured pink was the perfect color here along with a white dress. Just simple, but works I think? Hope others agree.. :)

Next is back to Necromunda with the Redemtionists.. should be fun to paint them up next. Cheers


  1. Dynamic looking figures. Nice colors - are you going to add highlights/shading? Still they look great. Best, Dean

    1. The lights are washing out the shading/highlights. They exist, but.. plus they are TT level, so not much more to be put into them at this time. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Oo two figures i havent seen before posting. Have you forsaken me o great mr.lee or are we in vacation? Damn right we are :)

    The privateer press lady looks nice. Nice sculpts help you when it s tt qual, but i can easily imagine how awesomely you can paint this one to perfection. And it's a damn big cloak indeed.

    The mystic looks very much like your horrors there. Gotta admire your fashion sense there. Matching white clothes with pink hair? Very sheikh mate, very sophisticated ;)

    Good job as always and hope stu will like them.


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