Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Fenrisian Wolves

These were a lot of fun to paint as I got to do some nice blending with the Airbrush here.

Again these are just Table Top quality. Figuring it best to get those ones done first, and set a baseline before continuing on to expand upon it. I tend to have a habit of going above and beyond the brief level when I get overly motivated or used to a certain style ;)

These were a quick job none the less, and the bases do not have any flock or snow on them yet ( haven't decided which route to take yet there ).

Really enjoyed the unit, and have almost finished the Grey Hunter units.. only 39 of them :)

So more photos, and a couple of close ups.. more photos tomorrow..


  1. Very nice I have some wolves to paint for my EotD Lycaon faction and I'm researching various ways to do fur at the moment. Quite like the Blue eyes.

  2. Thanks guys! I don't normally do eyes for the table top level, but they looked odd without them ( as if they had no place for eyes! )..

    Fur was easy enough, and I have some Thunderwolf cav to do up still, which will get more attention and different styles due to being TT+ level. Should be fun to paint up soon!


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