Friday, August 31, 2012

Battle Report of CDs vs DoC

So while on holidays, one of my good buddies ( and Dark Elf client ) came over to chat and have a few games of fantasy.

We played with only my models, and they were "friendly" games too. 3000 points per side.

He played with my Daemons, sporting a lot of Slannesh and Khorne, while I brought out my proxy heavy Chaos Dwarfs! Still trying to figure them out, and also wanting to see how 2 K'daai's do in a match. I did put quotation marks around the friendly word, right? :)

Classic pitch battle set up. No special rules on the terrain, and my mate had set everything up while I was writing up my list.

As with all of our games.. for some reason I got to go first.. again. Seems to be a tradition, and one of the few times I do well on the rolls!

First turn movement, and casualties! Thanks to some magic getting through, I was able to put a dent into 1 of his 2 50 strong Daemonette hordes!

His retaliation was not as strong, but he did block a lot of my charges for the next turn. Including sacrificing his furies to my K'daais to move them to where he wanted them. More so since they suffer from Frenzy ( something I keep forgetting, but am thankful for the extra d3 attacks each turn :) ).

K'daai takes out the furies, and overruns, passing the horde by. Nice move by the Daemons there indeed. However it did cost him both his fury units in the process! But he now had some nice set ups because of it.

Both K'daais are now out of the way for him, as his Keeper of Secrets and main horde of Daemonettes can charge into the Sorceror Prophet and Infernal Guard unit.

However, while doing so, he blocked his own Bloodcrusher unit from charging also! So they had to sit this turn out, and figure out what they would be doing next time around.. He also mis-judged a charge against the Hobgoblins, and ended up right for a dual charge to him next turn!

Although it was dumb to do so, I did charge the Hobgoblins alongside the Infernal guard with BSB into the Daemonette Horde.. they were pretty much screwed, but somehow stuck around! Meanwhile the Lord and his unit were still stuck in combat thanks to Stubborn, and a high leadership.. that and the fact that the Prophet refused to yield!

This was the view from the right most K'daai.. sitting in the trees looking down at its next target. The Daemonettes needed to win combat and break the Chaos Dwarfs else the monster would come in for the hurt!

Daemons outnumbered the dwarfs.. but they also had more casualties too!

Finally the Hobgoblins broke, but the infernal guards stuck around, just long enough for the K'daai to land in the side. Meanwhile on the other side, the other K'daai was playing cat and mouse with a Fiend of Slaanesh, and some flesh hounds.

A brave fight here where the Prophet attempted a last stand. I should have called out a challenge at this time, but he took on the 9 attacks bravely before falling. His Keeper of Secrets moving on-wards to a different prey.. lonely HobGoblins!

Hobgoblins running from 3 packs of Flesh Hounds and a Keeper of Secrets with regen'd wounds thanks to her special weapon!

However the Keeper had over-extended herself.. and ran a bit too far forward.. leaving herself open to a flank attack!

One that saw her take 4 wounds, and dish none in return! Almost getting wiped out in a single run by the K'daai! The Daemons gave up the chase on the Hobgoblins, and decided to focus on the K'daai. With all 3 Flesh Hound units charging into the monster.. however they forgot about its Burning Body rule.. and with a wave of heat, the K'daai took out the Keeper before combat even began! And then beat down 4 more Hounds in the combat phase!

It was basically here that tipped the balance of the game, and gave the Chaos Dwarfs a solid victory! With just clean up on the rest of the horde, and final left over hounds.

The batch of Daemons forced back into the warp! He was not impressed with facing off against 2 K'daais.. and I have to say that it was pretty difficult to kill them. We would go on to play another game, with the same lists, but I will leave the report for another day.. enjoy the weekend!


  1. Nice batrep and the figures look good on the table. Love that spider. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks both! Was a good game, and some surprises happened throughout. Have another one to put up, will do that next week. Am hoping for some nice weather this weekend.. always makes staying indoors painting easier for me ;)

  3. Great AAR - loved the set up!

    1. Thanks.. was not able to take as good notes as I have in the past, but it was still a great game, and hopefully the fun came across well enough :)

  4. finally you opted for a list without the WMs eh? Way to go mate.

    was a nice batrep and gratz for the win...

    1. Thanks, but actually I had 2 magma cannons in there also.. just they didn't do much. Was a nasty friendly list, but gave me an idea on what to build up so that is a plus I guess..

      Am surprised you have no comments on the K'Daai killing the Keeper of Secrets Greater Daemon.. and with its flaming body special skill even ;)

    2. thats because it was not even a match mate. destroyer should win it every day of the week...


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