Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project UK: My Head.. It Hurts!!!!

Ok, so today's first model to get completed.. the Forgeworld Rogue Psyker who seems to be having a headache at the moment!

Couldn't help but do more than just basic Table Top quality for such a great model. So I put a bit more effort into it. Also changed up the pant color to help differentiate the model from the rest of the bloodcoats!

Still have the other 3 to do, but am taking my time here more so than before..

Lots of fun here.. more to come soon enough..


  1. you have time to paint so much AND blog, what gives? LOL


    1. Heh.. am on holidays this week ;) Wife and kid are away, so house alone also. Perfect storm for painting :) Almost finished second psyker also ;)


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