Thursday, August 16, 2012

Project UK: Naked Emo Ballerina Stripper

Yeah OK, so my titles are out to catch attention.. its a blatant grab for views.. but you know what? I hope it works ;)

This was a very interesting model. As I was doing up the skin, so many colors came to mind. And as the ribbon portion of the legs came forth, I just thought "This has got to be an Emo Ballerina Stripper!" I mean seriously.. it has the spear pole, the ribbon'd shoes, and hair that just screams "Paint me Pink!". 

So I did. :)

Really like how it came out, and even gave her a bit of a tramp stamp to go with it. I am sure her father is very proud of her life choices.. where ever he might be.


  1. I must say she is "cheekier" than sexy naked succubus mate. The tramp stamp is a nice touch there.

    1. Thanks.. and yeah.. she was a lot more fun to paint up also!

  2. LOL great work on the skin and the tat

    1. Thanks.. was again, a lot of fun to do up ;)


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