Friday, August 24, 2012

Project UK: The Summary..

So with all the work done this week, and all the work put into this project, I wanted to put together a final Summary article showing all the units done for this commission.

It was a large project of 280 models and I put a self imposed timeline on it. The client was overly nice with the project, and said to finish it when I could finish it. So why the self imposed timeline? Well cause I am never sure when I go back to UK and can drop it off again. With my trip next week, I will be able to drop if off, and pick up the next batch of models. Though I suspect I will not be able to paint them as fast as there are a few more trips in the next month that will slow me down, and no holidays for me to focus on them like this one here.

And with that.. the photo slam of everything that was done within this project batch.

The original zombie hunter woman from Hasslefree Miniatures..

Badass ladies, from Hasslefree and West Wind.. 

Tomb raiding hottie from Hasslefree.. 

Old school Rogue Trader Imperial Guardsmen..

Necromunda Van Saar gang members..

Some Bloodcoat mutants..

Special OPs Imperial guards from various makers..

NAKED STORM!!! The reason for so many hits this month ;)

Some creepy gas masked stormtroopers.. ready for action..

What's better than Mutants? Gors with guns.. and football jerseys..

Privateer Press Satyrs.. ready to whip the troops into shape to take out the loyalists..

Privateer Press commander.. you think the other Satyrs are bad? This chick is the worse!

Warrior Mystic? YES PLEASE! Loved painting this model up though.. especially the pink areas..

"Burn the Heretics!!" A common motto from the Necromunda gang Redemtionists..

The initial batch of 20 Bloodcoats.. where I tested out the line painting method that would work on..

.. this batch.. which was completed in no less than 2 day!!! Many more hits just from this little side project..

And the Forgeworld champions and characters to lead the Bloodcoats! Loved these guys, and glad that I left them till last. Were a ton of fun to paint up and might just pick up some more in the future for myself!

So with everything finished, and in 26 days.. OK repeating that point but it is pretty impressive ;) .. I just have 1 question for anyone checking this out.. which one was your favorite and why?

Thanks, and stay tuned for the next project already in progress!


  1. Hola
    Que cantidad de figuras de as currado,de cine,las titis molan un monto.
    un saludo

    1. Gracias, fue divertido para pintar esta hornada de modelos. ¡Salud

  2. Un-bloomin-believable! What an outstanding achievement! My favourite has to be the Tomb Raiding hottie as it brought back so many memories!

    1. Thanks Michael. It just shows what I can do when I put my mind to it. :) Space Wolf chapter is already on the table and getting primed up ;)

  3. Wow, that is impressive...better than my painting pace...maybe in a month or two I will see how much I can get painted.

    1. Thanks styx.. though this is not completely normal for me.. it was a combo of holidays and imposed time restrictions.. good combo in some cases ;)

  4. it s very hard for me to list one favorite among 280 miniatures, so i ll list three, in no particular order:

    * redemptionists: although some of them have no idea how to pose for the camera, the oranges on them are so vibrant and nicely done.
    * van saars: yellow is a pain to paint generally but it looks very nice on those guys. and no, it s not related to the fact that purple-yellow was the colors of my high school's jersey which i proudly wore.
    * paratrooper gal: loved her the moment i saw her. simple yet effective paint job with a beautiful camo pattern which takes her to another quality level.

    once again i want to congratulate you for this amazing feat mate.

    1. Thanks buddy.. glad you had so many favorites. And just think.. Project UK Batch 2 has yet to show up ;)

  5. I'm buying more stuff, you're painting too fast.

    Seriously, you need to stop for a bit, CTS, RSI and other work related upper limb disorders await. And eye strain. And possibly more mental health issues.

    Phenominal. No idea how you're going to get all the CoD scenary on the aeroplane...

    Favourites ? I have a soft spot for the Bloodcoats, they of most of all needed a little TLC. Thank you again.

    1. Heh.. thanks Zzzzzz am glad that you approve! Though is it sad to say that the part of me that hurts the most from all this painting are my knees? The sitting part is the killer.. go figure..

      As for the CoD.. mmm I need to get more airmiles and get upgraded to Elite status so that I can take larger or more luggage in the future ;)


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