Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project UK: Stormtroopers

Ok so this is a quick post on Saturday morning of work that I did the previous Sunday.. why so long to post it up? Well you did see the Naked Storm recently so.. :)

This was a batch of 20 Stormtrooper/Veterans for the UK Commission. Goal was to paint them up in an Urban Camo scheme.

A lot of fun to paint up once again. The gas mask faces were interesting to see and paint with. I tried to make the eyes glow, but was not as good as the Mutants were. Probably due to the base color on the masks.

Again lots of washes used to darken them up, but this time I didn't go over board on the cloth like I do for the renegades. I think it was needed or else it would have come out too dark on the models, and therefore ruined the effect.

So why on Saturday am I posting? This is not normal ( though neither is 10 posts in a week so.. )..

Well it is because it is Bayram here in Turkey. Which means a national holiday week where most people head out to visit their families and what not. For me, this means that I get some time alone while the wife and kid head out to visit family, allowing me some time to finish this commission up! Win/Win in my book.

Below is the progress that I have made since starting this commission on July 28th. So far 134 of the 280 models are completed! And with that, I was figuring that it might be cool to do a real time posting ( or as much as I can ) of the progress I get done over the next couple of days.. starting with today!

So expect to see a lot of WIP shots and such throughout the weekend. Most likely when I am switching out movies that I plan to watch as I paint this week. Will give me a good break every 2 or so hours I guess, and also let me see what kind of speeds and progress I can make in that time as well.


  1. Nice camo. The Gas mask heads suit them.

    1. Cheers. I really like how they came out, and indeed the gas masks fit the theme nicely. Thanks!


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