Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project UK: Renegade Bloodcoat Champion

With a sad heart and yet smiling at the same time.. the UK commission ( batch 1.. ) is FINISHED!!! Can I believe it? No not really.. 280 models in 26 days.. over 20 models per day ( though I think the last 2 days helped that average LOL ).

So here is the last model of the bunch. I really tried to do a bit more details here, again cause it was the last model, and also cause well.. it is a nice model. Always wanted to buy this model and paint it.. so this is the next best thing then.

And the photos...

I really need to build that photobooth though.. cause the current light set up ( which is the same lights I use to paint with ) just are not doing it. Skin is supposed to have some dead flesh/green tint to the highlights, and the red is a bit darker than it looks in the photo.

Oh well.. still have almost a week before delivery.. so maybe I will get a chance to take better photos.. or more likely I will paint another 100 or so models :) Let's see which happens..

Also a fuzzy out of focus shot of the gruesome foursome!

So.. now time for some food, and then tests on some Space Wolf models.. expect to see some of them next week when I go back to my normal posting schedule where I paint like a fiend throughout the weekend, and then show them throughout the week ;)

But at least with the posts this week, people following me now can see how fast I paint things ;) Any questions on how I paint, just ask, and I can answer them in a future post maybe? Cheers

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