Monday, August 27, 2012

Project Space Wolves: The beginning..

OK, so hot on the heels of the Project UK commission, comes another commission! And of course it is also 40k themed! After so many weeks/months of fantasy based stuff, 6th edition gets launched, and everyone wants their 40k armies painted up!

Not complaining though ;)

So above is the kick off lot of the Space Wolf army. It includes:

  • 39 Grey Hunters w/ 8 special weapons
  • 18 Long Fangs w/ 15 heavy weapons
  • 8 Terminators
  • 5 Fenrisian Wolfs
  • 6 Thunder Cavalry
  • 2 Rhinos
  • 1 Drop Pod
  • 3 Wolf Guards
  • 3 Wolfen
  • and 5 characters ( 2 failcast )
What is also interesting is that not all of the models are Table Top Quality! Characters are to best quality, and things like the Cavalry and Terminators are to Table Top +.. so should be interesting to see how this all comes out. What is also cool, is that I have vehicles to do! And with all the practice with the airbrush, and many youtube videos I am watching on how to use it with vehicles.. I have high hopes on how they will turn out! Let's hope I do them right ;)

I have already started in on it, as I am still on holidays, and have time. Though they are in WIP progress atm, but hoping to have them ready for tomorrow! 

Expect a lot of updates on these over the coming weeks before I get back into Fantasy or more of the Project UK Part 2!


  1. Pretty big army! 18 long fangs? eeyikes! been a long time since I played 40k, but that sounds mean ;) Hope it's fun for you! Bummer about the failcasts- My client with the Genestealer Cult ended up deciding to expand the army afterall- a *lot* of vehicles, 2 with conversions I suggested but will ahve parts from finecast.. crossing my fingers they aren't mutilated junk ;)

    1. Thanks LF.. they are not completely horrible but there is some warpage happening here.. so will see if I can fix it but am still learning on the resin bits.

      So far am experimenting with Airbrush on Marines.. good fun so far!

  2. look forward to these soft spot for the old Wolves of Fenris I have.

    1. Thanks.. haven't painted Space Marines in years, and last time it was fully by normal brush. This time around I am using almost pure airbrush now.. lots of fun!


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