Monday, July 2, 2012

Yedharo Capricorn Bust Finished?

And so we return to Mr Capricorn.. Some more work done on him and hopefully he can be called finished soon?

Thinking process here is that he is done. I retouched up the gold pieces, making it a bit brighter and trying to make a few more hot spots. Not sure if it is hot or dark in the right places, but it works for now.

Horns I tried to lighten them up. Mrs Lee is not impressed that they are so similar to the skin.. but you can't please everyone so.. I also tried to make the runes in the horn and the stone on his belt pop by painting them blue, and to make it look like they are glowing. I don't think I achieved it as well as I would have liked, but for a first shot at it, I think it came out OK.

Overall, I think it was a good exercise in some NMM, and OSL type of work. I got to play around with some larger areas with it, and see how they work together.

Will I do it again? Probably.. actually thinking into other armies ( infinity for example ) I might be doing more NMM and OSL work now that I am feeling more comfortable with it. Might not come out the best, but it will still look decent I think.

Just have to figure out now how to base it, and make it so that the wife can have it on her desk at work to show off!

More photos below.. Comments more than welcomed!


  1. Nice work! Perhaps some more defining could help to get an even better result... How about working the "veins" out a bit more, like they are growing roots or something like that? And if I see how you painted the eyes, I am sure you can push the brooch even more with a small freehand :)
    And if Mrs. Lee is not happy with the horns, perhaps giving them a light glaze may make her happy?
    Keep it rollin', your output is really insane!

    1. Mmm have heard the vein comment before.. but wondering how I should push it out a bit more? Maybe a bit of blue/pink in it? Will have a look there.

      Eyes could use a bit more color maybe also.. might have to try that too.. maybe some cool blue?

      Horns, I just can't justify doing more on.. even glazes wouldn't be enough here..

      Thanks for the comments though.. and the output is kinda "low" at the moment actually ;) Usually it is much higher, but I just haven't had the motivation to paint as much as of late ;) Too much Diablo 3 :)

  2. Some great work, what a handsome chap!

  3. Thanks guys.. though I think I need more work on it.. so will give it a shot.. and see..

  4. Grats for being in the Top X of HoP :-)
    And yes, the veins could be pushed by blues/purples or perhaps green? Perhaps you could try it out with GIMP, on my tablet this won't work otherwise I would try it for you :-)

    1. Wow.. cool! Thanks for the reference.. have been out all day getting sun burnt at the Guns N Roses concert.. A nice surprise to come back to :)


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