Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ottoman Dwarf Updates?

PSYCH! Well.. ok not fully..

This project is one that for whatever reason, I am more obsessed with the creation of the Hobgoblins than the actual Dwarfs which is strange.

Well since I am in Basingstoke for work, I did another side topic on last Sunday to test out a color scheme for the 200+ Old School OOP Plastic Goblins from GW that I got off eBay. Was picked up for a cheap price when it seemed that everyone and their uncle were selling them.

Color scheme is simple enough to not require a ton of colors. Also the sand I think I am really liking and will redo the rest to match this now.

Base color is Primer Grey mixed with Tierra Earth.. both from Vallejo. I think the color was good for a base, and the primer is helping it stick to the plain plastic better also.

So basic comparison shots below..

As stated.. nothing special, but when you have 200 of them.. well.. they don't deserve too much :) I brought 45 with me, so will see if/when I can get some painted up. Most likely it will be before I head to the office, and for a bit before going to bed at night. Progress picks to come..


  1. 200 of them? You never do anything half-way do you? ;) nice start- wow those goblins bring back memories

    1. Never ;) Go big or go home.. it is where I feel most comfortable :)

  2. heh, wonder why you re so excited about greenskins, hmmm... ?

    imho, the test model is painted to a quality which is better than expected for such chaff units.

    with 200 of those guys, i think the most important you will be facing will be to make them look different than each other. They don't wear uniforms, so every guy must be different from one another in some way and this makes the batch painting very hard to apply on them.

    good luck with those.

    1. Heh thanks mate.. glad to hear you think it is better than it should be.

      Will try to mix them up for colors also. Different washes and shades to be used. And some different colors for the clothing also.

      They will look good when all finished I think though. Especially in groups of 20, or in a horde of 200 :)


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