Friday, July 20, 2012

Daemon Project: Herald of Nurgle

Ok so had some time last night to work on this bad boy.. though my back and legs were killing me from the night before's kickboxing adventures.. am kind of thankful that I am taking a week off before going back. I might be recovered by then. :)

Anyways.. some photos of the (almost) finished Herald of Nurgle.. I say almost because seeing the blown up photos I see I need to fix the eyes and the skull on his front. So will tackle that tonight.

He really adds some contrast to the unit with the pale skin compared to the normal vibrant green I have been using in the Nurgle units. Makes it easier for me and my opponent to notice I have a Herald on foot in the unit also.

Next up will be the Slannesh Herald. Simpler paint job going on it as it is mostly skin and armor so.. will post it up next week though.. enjoy the weekend in the meantime!

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