Monday, July 23, 2012

How to build a modular table...

.. and not from me :)

A fellow blogger Paradox0n has been doing up a series on how he is going on and making his own modular table. This guy keeps coming up with new and innovative ways of working within the hobby. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you really should. I keep going back for his How To's and this one is no different.

He starts off with How to Build a Frame for the actual table. His style shows how to use common items found from the local hardware store.

He then moves onward to include some hills on the board, just like another modular board that you can buy from a well known company that overprices their products ( and yet the lure of them is still visible.. le sigh.. ).

From the above, the next obvious stop is the texturing of the boards themselves His method is quick and dirty, but hey.. it gets the job done and the results cannot be disputed.

The last one in the series at the moment is the final painting of the texture, but also his flocking technique. I have to say, that it is pretty impressive idea on how he goes about it, and so you should go and check it out!

So go and check this blog out, have a look around, and nick a few of his HowTo styles. Cause I can definitely tell you I will be doing just that in time. More so when I get to work on my own Modular tables in time.

Cheers for now!


  1. Wohow! Thanks for featuring my series. Perhaps I can return the favor if my chaos dwarves arrive.

    1. Cheers mate.. the tutorial is too good to hold onto for myself.. just had to share it :) Hope you get a few more followers out of it ;)

    2. Yes it did :)
      *waves a warm welcome to The Angry Lurker*

      P.S.: I first thought I was on the wrong blog with your new layout :) Much better to read now.

    3. Thanks.. have been trying to find a theme I liked, so have been working on it a few times.. but finally had to give the whole color scheme a change up also.. will see how it does for me.. expect a few more changes to come ;)

  2. Cheers guys.. he has some top notch stuff over there.. you won't be disappointed!


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