Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend updates..

So an exciting weekend to say the least..

Aside from the concert on Friday.. and the lack of the majority of Guns N' Roses and a massive sunburn from the concert.. I spent a good portion of Saturday painting and working on some modeling activities.

So this week will be all about plagues.. the ending of the plaguebearers that I have in my possession occurred this weekend.. I even got a ton of resin bases drilled out, and ready for magnets also.

Not a lot of photos to show now, but expect a ton this week.. I was really really productive on Saturday :)

Then we had the little guy's 4th birthday on Sunday. Quite the little event with a lot of people from work showing up, and the little guy getting quite a bit of loot in the process. Currently he is chillin' at his grandma's ready for another party tonight, while I am travelling to Belgium.. to spend a week in workshops..

Hope you enjoy the photos this week.. and I look forward to starting the next core section.. probably the OOP Bloodletters. Should be easy to get done.. or at least I hope so ;)


  1. I haven't been to a concert in ages and envy you the chance to go. I hope Axle performed well for you guys. Always good to get a lot done on the weekend. i just finished painting my mouse and i think Ray is going to trounce me!

    1. Axle was not the best of form there. Am rooting for you in the mouse contest though! Looking forward to voting on it!


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