Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Daemon: Plaguebearer Updates

First a shot of the whole unit of metal Plaguebearers.. just to get things into perspective.. 

It is really starting to come together here.. and the bases really tie them in nicely even if the shades of green vary a bit from model to model.. which is also not a bad thing I think..

Now some close ups of the last 5 models I painted up for this group..

I really like the sculpt on the far left.. not sure what edition it is from, but I have 14 more of them on the desk at the moment, that I am hoping to complete before I get back to the Heresy Blights..

And another shot of the group of 51 PBs when I include my older plastic conversions and converted Herald on Palaquin..

As you can see.. the older base style is horrible when compared to the newer ones.. and although the resin ones take forever to do up with the magnets, they are 100s times better.. will have to replace the older ones to the new bases one day.. just not today ;)


  1. So many... Wish I had the time and patience to paint so much :) They look great, you shouldn't worry about different green tones. On the opposite I would think that such a big horde, all in the same greens would look rather boring.
    Is the left unit filler something handsculpted and is there a chance to see a bigger picture of this ... thing?

    1. Thanks.. and yeah.. different greens could/should be used I guess..

      The left hand "thing" is hand sculpted, except for the hands ;) And it is actually my first attempt a long time ago at making a Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin. Will have to re-base it though, but aside from that it's not getting any real updates.

      Will put it up as an article with some close ups soon. Need to take some better photos of it first.

      Thanks for the comments!

    2. Only to make my statement clearer...
      << even if the shades of green vary a bit from model to model.. which is also not a bad thing I think..>>
      I second that. The diffeent shades give a good look to the horde. If everything looked the same it would be boring. :)
      Sorry if it was not clear enough or I misunderstood your post. Sometimes my english sucks (not my mothertongue).

      And yeah, looking forward to see your sculpt in detail :)

    3. No problem, I got your point clearly, and agree. If I were home this week I would take photos and do up an article on it sooner, but it will have to wait till next week when I am back in Turkey and this work trip finishes..

  2. fun stuff! the herald needs a TV remote &/or beer, looks like he's sitting in his 'Archie Bunker' chair.

    1. Ha.. yeah.. was thinking that when I made it.. but its a bit old now... but never thought of it as Archie Bunker.. well not until now! Thanks! He just got named ;)


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