Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Project Daemons: Herald of Nurgle WIP

Just a quick one.. I am working on the Nurgle Lord from GW.. picked it up while in Brussels last week.

I am not sold on the green sections, but the skin outside of that is starting to take shape. The armor has not been given any rush yet, and I really want to do some OSL on the helmet eye holes also.

The horns also need more work, but it is shaping up nicely all that parts aside..

Also began to convert the Tzeentch Lord into a Herald of Slannesh. I replaced the head with a Daemonette head, and the 2 Tzeentch hands/weapons. The Daemonette Champion claws were good substitutes here.

Should be fun to paint her up and stick her with the rest of the glorious Daemonette hordes.

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