Thursday, July 26, 2012

Progress from UK..

And so today is the last day I be in UK for this trip.. great little bit of weather here in Basingstoke, though being cooped up inside all day didn't mean I could enjoy any of it. Damn workshops :)

So I posted on Wednesday about the beginning of painting up the 200 Hobgoblins that I have for my Ottoman Chaos Dwarf army. Well here are the results..

Was able to finished 9 of them by Thursday morning, photo below. Not the greatest photo as the hotel room doesn't have the best light for painting things, let alone taking photos.

But I think you get the gist of what I was able to pull of. Original test model is on the far right.

From there, I then worked a bit more on the rest due to not as many nights out for company dinners or catch up with my UK client.

Progress for that can be seen below also.. Not much to look at as the good weather is now gone in UK just as I begin to leave. Sorry Englanders.. but I need to take the sun home with me. It is just the way it is. Feel free to visit in Turkey though.. we have plenty of sun there to share ;)

Left was first batch, and the right is second batch. No silver on it. Not sure if I will put any either actually. Lighter wash on the second batch though. 


  1. Painting on a trip? Fantastic idea. Somehow, though, I don't think my wife would let me get away with it. Sitting by the pool reading books, yup. Painting in the hotel room at night. Nope. Maybe if I can persuade her it's pretty normal....

    1. Thankfully it was a business trip.. so the wife didn't have any comments on them actually. It is something that I aim to do when on longer trips, though not always possible.

  2. So many gobbos... sand bases must be a relief after the lava.

    1. Not so many gobbos actually ;) They go nicely with the 400+ others I have done in the past. But yes.. sand bases are so much easier than the lava ones. Will be a nice basing style for my Chaos Dwarfs!

  3. if only i were that fast...

    you had to bring the sun with you, right? we were this close to getting scorched here already matey...


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