Monday, July 30, 2012

Project UK: Now in session..

So to kick things off, I have rummaged through the foam trays, and sorted through all the models. There are a total of 280 models in these containers. Wow.. and I had set a target for myself to get them finished by the end of August.. but that was when I thought there were only half as many models, and that more of them would be of the same type ( to make batch painting easier! ).

However, even with this new development, I am still looking to get them finished before the end of August! Yes.. my goal has not changed, it just got more interesting ;)

So what is all included in this force to be reckoned with stack of metal, plastic and resin? Well here goes..

  • 124 Renegade Imperial Guards in trenchcoats
  • 4 Random IG models ( need to check affiliation still )
  • 1 Injured IG model ( nice conversion, again need to check affiliation )
  • 35 Women.. fully assorted mix of models here from a range of different manufacturers 
    • Have to say, this is probably one of the best assortment of models for me to paint up cause some of these models are really cool and I have been looking forward to painting them up!
  • 12 Necromunda Redemtionists ( colors yet to be decided )
  • 52 Rogue Trader IGs ( To be done codex grey and another color yet to be decided )
  • 14 Necromunda Van Saars ( Done in an Empire Purple/Yellow ish scheme )
  • 10 Gors with stolen weapons ( Done in an Albino scheme with the weapons from different chapters to represent them being stolen )
  • 8 Mutants ( pale/green skin, and red jackets like Renegades )
  • 20 Storm Troopers ( Urban Camo color scheme )

So lots of variety here.. and to kick things off I started with a pair of beauties that might resemble someone from a recent film series.. These are from Hasslefree Miniatures, and are of the Dionne and Dionee (b) variations.

Although the scheme was to go bright with these models as a whole, it was hard to accomplish this for these models. So I went for a scheme of greys, which actually was starting with a Vallejo Grey Primer, and then shaded with the Army Painter Strong Wash. Then some Vallejo Dark and Light Greys. I deliberately did the hair flat black to set them off from the clothing. 

End result is a couple of very dark women who are ready to kick ass and take names. Hopefully Zzzzzz likes them as well. The rest of the women in this lot are getting painted up first cause they are the most fun, but also cause I have limited time during the week until the public holiday at the end of the month when I will be able to dive into the line painting required for the Renegades. 

Keep an eye out.. more women on their way.. some might even be naked ;)


  1. Good grief and I remember painting this figure for a mate with an underworld fetish! Good Luck!

    1. Thanks, I think it came out nice. Was also a new approach on doing black. Will be one that I attempt more in the future I think.

  2. Good Lord, what an undertaking! I wish you the best of luck, but certainly off to a great start.

    1. Cheers. And yes, quite the undertaking indeed, but one that I look forward to! So many hidden gems in here that are just screaming to get painted up. Lots of fun to be had in this project.

  3. Yikes, I'm convinced: every project you undertake is massive! ;)

    1. It's my specialty. Set them up assembly line style, and just dig on in. Not LF level of quality, but no complaints for the cost vs speed results :)

      August is going to be a busy month though.. and lots of gems to show off from this lot also.


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