Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Daemon: Herald of Slannesh

Ok, so I stated a while back that I was converting a Lord of Tzeentch to a Herald of Slannesh.. and here she is..

Fairly straight forward paint job on her though.

Claws got the same work as the rest of the daemonettes, armor is a bit more pronounced and bronzey, and her hair was done with out the extreme use of washes..

Skin is also a bit lighter so that she stands out more than the rest.

I wanted to keep it simple as the model itself is quite simple as it were.

Not much else to write here actually.. since I am chilling in the hotel at the moment in Basingstoke, and I had finished this model just before flying out here.

Was a good little distraction on Sunday while trying to figure out how busy my week was going to be.

More photos below now.. and showing how she looks in the unit itself. The pose does make her look like she is bowing.. which is pretty cool considering that when she is finished, she will decapitate whomever is standing in front of her :)



  1. must be a relief to work on something other than endless lava bases ;) Nice job, especially on the black feet, that's a nice touch

    1. Indeed it is.. switching to the Heralds in general was a nice relief from painting up hordes.. which I am already back to without a second thought ;)

  2. She's excellent and stands out just enough....

    1. Thanks mate.. was the plan and glad it worked :)


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