Monday, July 16, 2012


Ok, so before I headed to Belgium for work, I had the chance to drill out the parts needed to work on the resin lava bases. Then I had to wait all the way until this past weekend to be able to work on them again..

So here is Sunday's efforts on this first set of 96 Lava Bases..

First stage.. getting the magnets inserted to all the bases. Not time consuming, but I did it for all 400+ bases at once.. so took me about 2 hrs..

I re-primed them grey with the Airbrush. Was trying something out, and I have reservations on how well it worked.. but this took me about 5 minutes..

First color laid down.. the red.. and it was quite bright here.. I was not too careful with it as I wanted a full coverage as I could get with it. Again this took me about 5 minutes..

Second color came in on the Orange.. here I aimed for mostly the edges, with the odd center piece. I have to be more careful here next time, as I did not get enough of the centers it seems, and a lot of bases turned out to be too dark red in the middle. Again.. 5 minutes here.. man I love my airbrush :)

Last color before traditional painting came into effect.. yellow.. and here I just did spots. Tried to get a good coverage with a thinned color.. so had to hit the same spots 3-4 times. But since the paint is thin, and Istanbul is an oven, this dried quickly, and again took maybe 5 minutes.. probably less actually.

Here I moved from my workshop to the TV room as the airbrush was no longer useful. I applied Tamiya Clear Orange at this point with the brush while watching Project X on the TV. It took me roughly 15 minutes to apply this stage. But I was starting to get too engrossed into the movie as it reminded me of my youth and my house parties I threw when I bought my first place. Though thankfully it was not AS trashed as the movie house.

And it is at this point that things slow right down. To get a good coverage here, I used the paintbrush, and it took me almost 1.5 hrs to complete. Then another 45 minutes to get the edges done. I am not sure if I can blame the movie or the brush for that, but whatever it is what it is.. But they are starting to look better at this point..

Finished product. With the 2 shades of grey drybrushed over the rocks, they are finished. Now I can begin the process of putting the other finished models to them now. Work for another evening in front of the TV I believe. More for the Air Conditioning than for ease of painting.

Only have 2 more sheets of these, plus a half sheet left. Not to mention the odd sized bases such as the cavalry, monsters, and swarm bases. But those still need magnets so will be done much later.


  1. Wow, so many at once.. that's endurance!

    1. Heh.. thanks LF.. if I didn't start on another model in the same day I would have carried on with them. The base colors are quick, its just the blacks and Tamiya colors that take some time. Will leave some more for later in the week while watching some shows..

  2. Are these handmade or premade bases? They definitly look nice and I might be stealing your idea how to do them, when my chaos dwarves arrive ;)

    1. Pre-made mate.. got them from JC Painting and they are good for delivery and service. How I do them more can be seen on the Lava Base tutorial I did a while back. Just search for Lava Base in the search above ;)

  3. man, you're killing me... if anything, i should ask you to paint bases for me in the end :)

    beautiful job as always.


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