Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So much lava.. so little time..

Again I sat down last night and began to work on some more lava bases.. the images above make them look different, and to a small degree they are, but not as drastic as the photo came out.. its just the reflection of my desk lamp that is affecting the right most bases.

Started them at 8pm last night, and got finished ( and took the shoddy photos ) at around midnight or so..

Not much else to say aside from.. there is still some more to go..

As you can see I have another batch of 96 to go, a couple more stragglers up top there, and a batch of 20 that were my first tests for batch painting them. Just have to do the greys on them to finish that small selection.

Once this is all done, then the 25mm bases are finished, and I can re-focus on the painting of models..

Expect delays coming however as work is picking up again, as are the travels associated with them. So updates will be less frequent.

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