Friday, July 6, 2012

Tuborg Concert: Guns N' Roses!!!!

Ok, so not gaming related at all, but something that is happening around me..

I am getting the chance to go to a concert in Istanbul.. and who will be there? Well duh.. its in the title.. Guns N' Roses!! Can I say I am a fan? Nah, but it is still cool to get out and see some of the bands that I grew up listening to. Other bands playing will be Ugly Kid Joe, Godsmack, and some Turkish rock bands to fill in the voids between these guys.. 

So taking today off, and heading via bus, cab, and ferry to get to the concert.. where I plan to relax and drink a few beers ( hopefully they have things other than Tuborg, but since it is a Tuborg concert, I doubt it :( ). 

Plus next week I am back in Belgium, and its my son's birthday on Sunday.. so expect a couple more non-gaming related posts coming your way..


  1. One of my favourite bands back in the day, classic tunes.....

    1. Was a good show.. just got back, and am nicely burnt from being outside all day. Though was disappointed that Slash was not in attendance for the show though.

  2. Nice. But even if GnR are cult and I even played some of there songs myself, Godsmack would have been more interesting for me :-) But its really cool to get to visit some good old bands of your youth (?).


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