Thursday, July 26, 2012

August Work.. Project Redcoats and crew

So while here in Basingstoke, I met up with Zzzzzz of Devos IV fame. We exchanged "packages" all secret like.. ok.. well maybe not all secret like, but as secret as you can get while having coffee in Starbucks!

He got his Cawdor Gang back, and thankfully he liked them as much in person as my shoddy photos could show them off.

From this he then handed me a much larger bag of models to work on for August.

To be honest, it was much larger of a container than I was thinking it would be. And inside it held.. 

2 Army transport boxed from KR Cases. Ok, no problem I am thinking, except when you open them up and you get..

Yes.. 8 trays each holding up to 36 models a piece! What's better is that there is quite the mix inside also.

Ranging from the Renegade Red coats, to Necromunda gangs of Van Saar, Escher and Redemtionists. Some very old Rogue trader IGs, some converted Gors and mutants, and lots of naked ladies! My blog hits will rise considerably once I get around to painting those I can tell you. Plus he has some very nice Heresy and other manufacturer models that I have been itching to paint, and now I get to!

So August will be a busy month for me in painting this all up, thankfully there is a 2 week holiday near the end of it that I can sit down and focus on all this. So expect lots of updates on this in August..

As a bonus he also threw in this Lord of Change model! Kind of like a thank you, plus I will never use it so you may as well have it, kind of gift! So expect something in return matey.. can't let such generosity go without something in return ;)

Now back to regular painting for myself in the meantime.. those Hobgoblin Archers won't paint themselves!

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