Thursday, July 19, 2012

A little off kilter for today..

So a bit off the normal path for topics today.. first off, I mentioned yesterday that a few things in 'life' will get in the way to painting.. one such thing was a resurgence of an old sport that I took part in a while back. Kickboxing!

Unfortunately.. it is a classic case of memories of a good exercise that pushed me to join it, and that I currently have the physical presence of a typical gamer/painter. Meaning, quite a few extra pounds, the norm of hours painting or gaming with the most strenuous part being the lifting of the army transport bag or moving a table to game on. So although I did go through the whole 1.5 hr class ( with several breaks ) I am quite sore today.. my legs feel like I have run a marathon ( or at least that is what I think as I have only seen them and never participated in them :) ).

This is how confident I felt before going to the class.. 

This is more how I felt during the class.. minus the hair frosting.. 

That being said, will go more, and hopefully be more the top photo instead of the bottom one.

Now back to painting more lava bases tonight, and get that section finished.. cheers

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