Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GD Germany: Armies of Display GW Staff

Second to last GD article.. I promise! I am sure most are getting sick of these articles.. and I say that considering that the views are not as heavy as they once were ;)

This article is just to show some of the better pieces that GW brought out with them. They had quite the hall full of armies both old and new ready to share with the crowd!

ORKS!!!! Loved this army as it has so many good pieces in it and well.. it is ORKS!!!!

A lot smaller than I thought it would be actually.. especially for an APOC piece..

And this is a lot BIGGER than I thought it would be.. dammmmn.. action figures say what???

This Dark Eldar army converted from Lizardmen was very well put together. More so considering that the Lizardmen just came out? Sometimes it pays to be on the GW side of things I guess!

Holy Great Swordsmen batman! Would hate to face that on the field!

Lovely painted tanks here.. fantastic stuff!

Who are you hoping will win? Imperium or Chaos? Both are great! Anyone want to donate a few hundred quid my way? I promise to paint it whatever colors you like so long as one of those colors is blue.. just saying..

Again.. not so impressed.. but nice studio paint job.

This single paint color scheme is making me want to buy this model. Must.. refrain.. from buying..

Studio Paint job.. also had a nice chat with Steve from the painting team. Gave me some hints on how to cut corners on painting high quality but in a timely fashion!

Normally this should be a 3 up version, but it is only 2 up. Since a 3 up would be bigger than most house dogs!

And to round things off some Forgeworld goodies. You can see the full album here on my Picasa folder here. 

Was quite impressed with some of them, but have to say that some were quite lackluster at best. I think only a hand full could have given the Armies on Parade entries a run for their money actually. Ah well, it is not like this is part of their job or anything.. or is it?

Hope you enjoyed it, and remember to check my other posts concerning Germany GD from this week:


  1. The weathering on the tanks and stuff is really cool. That's one thing they really excell at.

    1. There are some great pieces in there.. and there are some not so great pieces.. though overall I liked the variety and showing that they are all not gods of painting ;)

  2. Hola
    Que pedazos de ejércitos se ven,me encantan esos robot grandes,y el eldar gigante me tiene loco desde que lo vi en la tienda,tengo que pensar en pillarme uno...

    1. Hey JD
      Usted no está solo en esa enorme robot eldar! Los quiero, y los Hombres Lagarto, y los tanques y los titanes .. y ... y ... y ... demasiados elementos, no el tiempo suficiente para pintar!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes indeed.. it is almost like they are paid to do this kind of things?!?!?! :)

  4. Those conversions with the lizardmen are amazing. Thank you for posting this!

    1. Cheers Anne.. they were great conversions indeed. Makes me want to play Dark Eldar with Lizardmen allies/mounts! That is the key to a good theme.. having someone else want it as well!


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