GD Winners - Lots of Photos!

Judge Raffa.. thinking
"Meh, I have more at home."
Ok so this took a lot longer than I expected, but at the same time I am glad I held out on posting this all! Because, due to my procrastination wanting to be perfect here.. I was able to snag better photos of some of the entries! And who doesn't want better photos of the pieces that won Demons!

So first off, huge thanks for Raffa over at Massive Voodoo for procuring the list of winners and their names! Something that I hear is sorely missed in other GDs! Also, for the behind the scenes photos that allowed me to post up some better shots alongside the winners! Also thanks to Putty&Paint, CMON, and Facebook. For without them, the other winners would not have posted their works that have allowed me to share with you as well!

And so with that.. let's see the winners! In order of Bronze, Silver, Gold!
*If any of the winners and the photos are incorrect.. please let me know and I will fix them immediately!*

40k Single Model:

Bronze: Lukasz Grzyb

Silver: Manuel Wenkert

Gold: Michal Pisarski

40k Unit:

Bronze: Johnathan Garthier

Silver: Benedikt Sedlmair

Gold: Marco Bariselli

40k Vehicle:

Bronze: Cedric Lurkin

Silver: Mathias Paaschburg

Gold: Thomas Kyrsting

40k Large Model:

Bronze: Ben Komets

Silver: Markus Wurdinger

Gold: Christoph Eichhorn

WHFB Single Model:

Bronze: Georg ( Dr Sean ) Damm 

Silver: Adam Halon

Gold: Mo Ganji

WHFB Unit:

Bronze: Christoph Eichhorn

Silver: Rafael Garcia Marin

Gold: Ben Komets

WHFB Large Model:

Bronze: Adam Halon

Silver: Philip Prinz

Gold: Rafael Garcia Marin


Bronze: Herald Moosmann

Silver: Christoph Eichhorn

Gold: Elias Alonso

Lord of the Rings:

Bronze: Christian Hardy

Silver: Adam Halon

Gold: Fausto Palumbo


Bronze: Christop Blumenthal

Silver: Micha Pisarski

Gold: Roman Lappat

One thing is for sure.. If I ever do the get the chance to win a Golden Demon.. I will be mindful of those guys with cameras snapping shots of me. Never know what they will get, and which ones they will use. But to be honest.. I would have an Award so.. meh :)

Unfortunately my shots of the Youngbloods, and other competitions fall quite short.. was still working out the camera at that time! 

Though hopefully this helps to put names to winners faces now! And enjoy the last article of the GD Germany Series! There are no more.. Promise!


  1. what a nice coverage of the event mate, gratz. I have to tag along with you sometime... :)

    1. You really do need to tag along one time.. next year mate.. next year will be the year!

  2. The first picture is incorrect: 40k single Bronze: Lukasz "C'tan" Grzyb ( A picture of him you find here (

    best regards, Delloyln

    1. Thanks Michael.. I have updated it accordingly. Cheers for that!

  3. The best compilation of winners from GD Germany 2013 by far. Thank you so much Kyle!

    1. After watching your videos from PaintingBuddha, I read that with a Spanish English accent.. and then added SAUSAGE FINGERS as a finale! Glad you like it!

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed.. though better photos would have been nicer ;)

  5. Yeah thanks for this :D


    1. NP Mate! Was a good event, and want to share it with the community!

  6. Thank you for sharing this amazing display of talent.

    1. Glad you like Michael. Amazing doesn't begin to cover the level of talent that was available!

  7. This is some incredibly high level work. I'm glad you put the candid shots of the winners along side they're entries. It's nice to see the faces that go with those names.

    Hope to see you in there as a winner next year.

    1. Thanks Anne. I think it really helps to put names to faces and to their entries as well. Did my best to try to capture that.. but some of the better pieces were taken out of the cabinets well before I could take photos. So thankfully there are a ton of great photos up on the web now.

      As for me being up there next year.. I will follow the advice of the Slayer Sword winner.. paint for you, and paint to be happy. If you win, then that is just an added bonus. Then again.. a guy can hope!

  8. Thanks for posting these some fantastic pieces of work

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Just curious, what's all this I'm hearing about Micha Pisarski's behavior when he got his silver?
    Did he throw away his daemon or something?

    1. No, nothing as drastic as that. Just got a bit emotional, and over-reacted on the outcome for the Diorama award and his placing in it. Though he apologized on CMON when he put up his entry there. Again, I think the emotions of the event got the better of him there. Cheers!


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