Friday, August 16, 2013

I am now ranked on P&P!

OK granted it is dead last in regards to being ranked on the site.. but when you consider that there are 378 artists on the site as well.. and I am #134.. well.. that is not too bad! Plus, when looking on the bright side.. at least I am ranked! Got to start somewhere!

Have a look at my account to see the projects I have put up.. and expect many many many more in the future what with all the inspiration that I am getting these days. What from the workshops, the events, the comments, the blogs, the forums, and the community as a whole!

Now back to my regular scheduled workload of GD Germany Coverage!


  1. Grats! Your efforts pays off it seems ;)

  2. Hey, that is pretty good in rankings...

    1. Thanks styx! Am happy that I at least am ranked! Now to improve and move on up!

  3. Congratulations! Quite an honor and well deserved.

  4. Excellent. it's a site I love to visit and drool at!

  5. To be ranked at all seems to be an achievement, congrats



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