Wednesday, August 28, 2013

100k Contest .. prize 1?

So as stated on last night's post, I will be doing a 100k contest to celebrate this little blog of mine hitting 100k!

Once home, I had a rummage through my trove of models to see what I could share with the community.

Knowing that there is quite the diverse group of people following this, I tried to look for a real variety of items to give away.

The first piece here is a box of Russian Light Infanty from HaT. 48 little soldiers in 1/72 scale ( as it says on the box! ).

Small story behind this.. once upon a time our club was very into getting started with Historicals in a 1/72 scale format. Some people even got some armies painted ( and I have an army of these in the Austrians yet to finish for a friend.. ). But the motivation to keep this game system did not last, or at least not with me due to being so caught up at work.

Have to say that these ones in particular were quite good though ( had 2 boxes worth, only painted one of them ) and they hold a lot of details for such small things.

I will post a few more teaser posts of more prizes to give away.. but the real contest start time and post won't happen until next Monday when I can figure out all the criteria for people to participate.

Though I will say this.. since this is a contest about hitting a numbers, numbers will play a part. Be it followers, or page hits, or shares. Just saying.. ;) Those who run, or participate in these Blog contests often should know the game quite well now.

So to steal a quote from the President Zaphod over at SHARE AND ENJOY! And expect more posts like this throughout the week!


  1. I can think of a couple of wargamers who would be pleased to have this. Have fun toying with us, er teasing us this week:)

    1. I hope more than a couple might be interested in this piece ;) And yes.. much teasing to take place here :)

  2. Nice prize for someone :)

    I'm sorry to see you didn't go for my idea of Fran v Ray mud wrestling or Dettol duelling though :(

    1. Thanks Tamsin.. though the dueling dettol challenge might come up still.. working out some logistics on it ;)

  3. Hola
    Pues sera buena la diversión jajaja

  4. Just found this site thanks to Anne, will take me a while to catch upon the posts but a great find!

    1. Welcome! Glad you showed up! Have a look at the main tags on the left, they can lead you to a few gems on this site ;)

  5. Just found your blog thanks to Anne.
    Congrats for 100K and good luck further on!



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