Thursday, August 15, 2013

GD Entry - LoTR Hobbit Goblin

So this was a funny entry. You have seen my Duel entry that I started the week before the competition. I spent a lot of time thinking on it, planning it with others online, and then painting and putting it together.

This however was the exact opposite, and is thus reflects the fact it received nothing :D

Thing was, when Michael Bartles ( the President of the Universe or at least PaintingBuddha ) and I returned from Battlefield Berlin on Friday night we decided we should do some painting. Michael had some work that he needed to do for his Slann, and well I was then left hanging. I mean I brought models with me, but it was late on Friday night. And I was not really wanting to work on some of those as I didn't want to deal with re-packing them again.

With this in mind, I asked Bartles-san if I could "borrow" one of his model to paint up. And looking at Mati's goblin, said "Do you have any goblins left?". Luckily Volomir had left one behind from when he was at Michaels last. So away I went!

So first thing was to decide on a base. Pulling from the book of MV inspiration, I thought a simple rocky base would do. Works with what I remembered of the film. I had thought about doing my traditional lava base or even trying to copy the artistic versioning of Lava bases like in my guest tutorial here. But it was late already, and I was kind of tired from all the long nights of painting already. Simple it was, though it still took me around 2 hrs to source, play around with, paste, prime, paint, re-prime, and paint again the base. End result is not the best, but it works for the dark environment that I was wanting.

For the skin, I wanted something different. Pink is the GW traditional colors, green is the fantasy style. And although Michael has a lot of paints, that does not always make the decision easier.

In the end, I just picked up a bottle that was sitting on Ben's desk called VAC US Grey Light. Took some VMC Ivory. Added in the now infamous VMC Dark Sea Blue, and some black. And in the end, added a bit of Hex Purple and Purple washes. Pretty simple actually, and surprising of the results considering that they were just the colors that were literally laying around, but yet I got these results.

Once I finished the skin and leather it was already very late. Probably 3.5 hrs into the model, and about 0130 Saturday morning. I was at a loss for what to paint the whip/tree branch thing, so just did it in a dark black coloring. Though after doing that, I noticed that the black paint flicked over to the skin causing a spotted appearance.


However, I remember someone saying ( OK a lot of people saying ) happy little painting accidents.. so I rolled with it instead of trying to fix them. I added MORE black dots all along his shoulders and arms and back. Just to give it some more texture?

In the end, I think he is a nice little guy for so little time put against him. I also like how I received some really nice comments ( favorites are "Frak you" in relation to time, and "Massive improvements since March!" in reference to MV Beginners workshop ).

Could he have ever won a Demon award? Heck no.. too simple a model. Though it was still a lot of fun, a model that I learned more on, and something that challenged me with regards to colors as well. This will be something that I will probably try on other models again maybe in the future. Let's see!

Hope you enjoyed it, and remember to check my other posts concerning Germany GD from this week:


  1. I remember my comment just too good! :D

    Insane, for the time!

    1. Thanks Roman. Am taking your comments on how to update it for later. Along with many others since showing it around. I know the next one will be better ;)


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