Thursday, August 15, 2013

GD Germany - Duel Entry

So I posted last week that I was going to enter something into this years Germany GD, and gosh darnit I did!

What started out as an insane idea from Arne over at Brushbrothers, turned into a full on mini project. Complete with pitfalls, wrong information, and overspending on materials :)

You might remember that it looked like this last week when I posted about it:

You can see that it has slightly changed.. OK actually it went through a complete overhaul actually.

Turns out that it was required to be on a 40 or 50 mm base.. to which my current one is only on a 30mm one. So a simple idea is just to expand it, and call it a day right? Which I do.. but on a round 50mm base. To which I then find out it needs to be on a 40/50 mm slotta square base. Insert massive swearing at this point considering it was already 2 days into the base with the updates on the round base. It now sits on the "future projects" pile at the moment.

So with that information in hand, I started out to make another one.

While working on it at home I was thinking it was quite finished and far along. However this turned out not to be the case once I made it to Michael's place in Berlin. Having his input and those of his company look it over. And who might one of those be?

Well none other than Mr Ben Komets! Working on one of his own projects for the GD!

He began to just give me 1-2 sentence tips on what I could do to improve it. Such as..

Add foliage.. add paint chipping to the wood.. make the beam rusty.. and add some paper under the grots foot to remove the gap that existed there.

Actually that is quite a bit more than 1-2 sentences, but you get the idea. :)

And off I go.. adding paint chips, rust, and throwing some paper into the mix. In the end, I finished the duel to a level that I was really happy with and was able to enter it into the GD..

Some of the tips that he gave were really interesting. Such as mixing the baking soda along with the white glue to make the rusty sections. Instead of using the Vallejo Putty that I have used in the past ( which was a tip from another painter whom I spoke of in my last post, Roman! ). But being in their place, I gave it a shot, and liked the results!

I think I made the paper a bit too worn or weathered, but the way it began to work on the base gave the illusion of wind. As if they were standing high up on a work site or something. Dunno if that is how others see it, but that is how I saw it after placing the paper! Giving me another new inspiration and ideas for future projects!

One of the last things we did with it though was to add the display plinth. Although there is a socket inside the base itself ( again using the 30mm square as a foundation ), Michael suggested that we add something more to it. Making it easier to handle, and giving it a bit more class. So off to Battlefield Berlin to pick up this plinth from Andrea Miniatures. It is a bit large sitting at just over 40mm square, but it was the only one that came close to fitting so. Of course, I didn't stop at just the plinth, but that is a post for another time perhaps :)

Now with all the work on the entry done, and after handing it into the contest I thought I could relax for a while. Not thinking that we would get any information on anything ( what with it being my first GD ). But wouldn't you know.. at about 1 in the afternoon I was told by Siggi from 5th Dimension to go and check my entry. It had a new sticker on it..

Blurry photo but you can see that it was nominated as a finalist in the Duels! I honestly cannot say how giddy and happy I was to hear such a thing! Mostly considering that I spent less than a week on it, did it only on a "why not" mentality, and still got this high? Hells yeh! So it did much better than I was expecting to get, and in the end received a finalist medal! Not bad for my first time out here ;)

That's right.. a Finalist Medal to go with the GD comp pins that every entry gets. But of course, what is the one thing I could work on further.. MORE CONTRAST! Thankfully a button from PaintingBuddha will help remind me of that point now.

More shots of the model below, but for my first time entering with a real entry ( sorta ) I am really happy with the results! Oh and the second entry pin.. I will share that soon. But it was really last minute and can use a lot of updates on it!

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  1. Wow that is really awesome! Grats for making it to the finals. It is really great to follow your massive progress (and it gets better and better).

    Short question: You DO have a real life with family and work, no? Sometimes it us unbelievable with all this stuff you are throwing at your readers :)

    1. Thanks Paradox0n! I was quite happy indeed when I found out I was a Finalist! And I love to hear that others can see my progress also!

      Also, yes, I do have a real life. Wife, 5 yr old, full time job ;) But I have met others that are doing this and then other things on top of it! Those guys are inspiration to me!

      Thanks again for the comments!

    2. Yah I know, saw your vacation posts, it was a rather rethorical question :)

      If I see what one can achieve when he/she puts his passion into it is really inspiring. Got my load of this stuff in the last few days by seeing your stuff and the DVD from the president and all the entries from those awesome painters. It itches me to improve in painting but rather often it just is: "getting home, making launch, having some spare time with my wife and falling to bed". Hm long writing no sense... :)

    3. Well so far I have taken 2 workshops in Germany, and watched all the Miniature Mentor videos. Now I have the Painting Buddha set which I will watch this weekend. And will head back to Germany in September for 2 more workshops with the MV crew. I am hoping to make much more progress after those sessions.

      And as far as time to paint.. I agree with you on the schedule. There are definitely some days lately that it is just as you state. Home, eat, bed.. the rest is a luxury. Hope to fix this in the coming weeks, and get more painting back into the mix, among other things.

  2. Congrats!
    That came out very nice. And I love the idea, very fun! Nice to see a duel that doesn't involve the biggest & baddest creatures for a change ;) I like the light speckle dappling on the nurgling's shoulders.. very fun

    1. Thanks LF! Indeed, the goal was to make something more funny than serious. And to make it work within a smaller realm. The other duels ( which I will show soon ) were a lot of massive pieces. But the Gold was one that was again very simple!
      Cheers for the comment on the nurgling. That was a last minute idea, that I really liked and ran with. Might do more of that in the future also!

  3. Congrats;This is the begining....

    1. Indeed Kenan.. indeed. I have just put my toe into the water of this level of painting. I think it is about time to jump right in!

  4. Nice job and well done!. Love the Grot vs Nurgling as well very cool idea

    1. Thanks Simon. Was an idea that I got while chatting with others on what to do. Topic was, what would be a funny fight.. and this came up :)

  5. Great Job Kyle! Hilarious and well executed diaroma, looking forward to a time where you will actually get the grand prize.


    1. Thanks Mate! Keep an eye out for my entries for next year then ;)


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