Thursday, August 29, 2013

100k Contest.. Prize 4????

What? MOAR? Mmmm Ok then..

Moar Scibor here, as I really like the sculpts. Not everyone does, due to the way in which Scibor makes his models ( press molding ) and how much he charges.. but again this was picked up from Troll Trader, and was to be used in my CD project.

Maybe I shouldn't give him away but I think he would do better in another person's collection instead of collecting dust waiting for me to get back to the CD project!

So this is the Asgrim Dwarf Lord from Scibor. Again, quite a bit of details on him here that I think many will like. Complete with the traditional custom base that comes standard in many Scibor pieces.

As always.. SHARE AND ENJOY!


  1. More Chaos Dwarves! *thumb up* :)

  2. Ooooh but he's lovely. Loads of detail. Yes, people will want this one!

    I did a plug for your contest and teasers

    1. He is a nice model indeed.
      Thanks for the pre-plug also. Already brought in a new person!

  3. Hola
    Menuda pieza,tiene una pinta magnifica


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