Friday, August 30, 2013

100k Contest.. Prize 5?????

Last prize for the pool at this time..

This is actually a recent purchase from my trip to Germany. Picked up at the infamous Battlefield Berlin shop.

It is one of the Dystopian Wars Infantry Medics for the Rising Sun faction.

I saw the box that it came in, and instantly knew I wanted to paint one! Thankfully, the box comes with 2 so I will share the second with a lucky winner!

Surprisingly it has a ton of details on it, and is well sculpted. Though a few pieces of flash exist on it, as you can see, but aside from that quite a good cast.

So this is the last prize in the pool that I will reveal.. but there MIGHT be one more depending if a certain criteria is met :) We shall see! SHARE AND ENJOY!


  1. The only thing I've seen from Dystopian Wars are their ships and those are quite popular.

    Now what is the special criteria? Hmmm, I'm curious.

    1. These are their skirmish models.. and as for the criteria.. will find out on Monday ;)

  2. I'd love to go into the draw for this one. This is a game I play, and enjoy.

    1. Rules and such will be up on Monday.. stay tuned for how to win ;)


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