Wednesday, August 28, 2013

100k Contest.. Prize 2??

Switching from Historicals to now Sci-Fi!

This time with a model from Infinty's Nomad range. A line trooper Moderator. Ready to be an action token in a game nearest you!

Or a nice little piece to paint up and share with others as the details on these guys are just amazing as always.

Either way this is prize number 2..

Story behind it you ask? Well.. OK!

Picked this up from the last Izmircon that I went to ( 2012? ). Seems that Izmircon, and Izmir as a whole, is becoming THE place to play Infinity within Turkey these days. I blame BuRock for this as he has been working very hard to promote and get others into the game.

But it is not a bad thing since Infinity has so many cool things about it, and this model is just a small piece of it.

Let's see what else I have to hand out here.. and remember.. SHARE AND ENJOY!


  1. HOLA
    Muy buena pieza,seguro que se disfruta pintándola
    un saludo

    1. Espero que quien gana se siente al pintar de verdad!

  2. Nice looking figure and one many people will want.

    I will be glad to do a promo post when you post the rules, but I don't need anything in return. The cost of shipping to me will be ridiculous and I can't ask you to do that with a clear conscious.

    1. Thanks Anne.. would love more exposure.. but I wouldn't worry about the postage issues.. if that was a concern than I shouldn't be doing this then! Plus if you did win I would love to see how you tackle some of the pieces with your painting style :)


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