Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project UK: Schoolgirl and Tramp

Ok, so continuing on from yesterday's post.. here are more women joining the fight for Zzzzz's growing army of the damned. Some very nice Hasslefree Miniatures.

With this update, here are 2 of the girls joining the fight.

First up is the school girl with Samurai sword... Hi Suzi..

Then up next is a tramp wearing her pink top and blue jeans. Little Miss Maria here..

A lot of fun painting these 2 up.. really having fun and motivating as they are quick to paint up, but not as quick as the mass produced paintings that I work on normally.

More to come..

Monday, July 30, 2012

Project UK: Now in session..

So to kick things off, I have rummaged through the foam trays, and sorted through all the models. There are a total of 280 models in these containers. Wow.. and I had set a target for myself to get them finished by the end of August.. but that was when I thought there were only half as many models, and that more of them would be of the same type ( to make batch painting easier! ).

However, even with this new development, I am still looking to get them finished before the end of August! Yes.. my goal has not changed, it just got more interesting ;)

So what is all included in this force to be reckoned with stack of metal, plastic and resin? Well here goes..

  • 124 Renegade Imperial Guards in trenchcoats
  • 4 Random IG models ( need to check affiliation still )
  • 1 Injured IG model ( nice conversion, again need to check affiliation )
  • 35 Women.. fully assorted mix of models here from a range of different manufacturers 
    • Have to say, this is probably one of the best assortment of models for me to paint up cause some of these models are really cool and I have been looking forward to painting them up!
  • 12 Necromunda Redemtionists ( colors yet to be decided )
  • 52 Rogue Trader IGs ( To be done codex grey and another color yet to be decided )
  • 14 Necromunda Van Saars ( Done in an Empire Purple/Yellow ish scheme )
  • 10 Gors with stolen weapons ( Done in an Albino scheme with the weapons from different chapters to represent them being stolen )
  • 8 Mutants ( pale/green skin, and red jackets like Renegades )
  • 20 Storm Troopers ( Urban Camo color scheme )

So lots of variety here.. and to kick things off I started with a pair of beauties that might resemble someone from a recent film series.. These are from Hasslefree Miniatures, and are of the Dionne and Dionee (b) variations.

Although the scheme was to go bright with these models as a whole, it was hard to accomplish this for these models. So I went for a scheme of greys, which actually was starting with a Vallejo Grey Primer, and then shaded with the Army Painter Strong Wash. Then some Vallejo Dark and Light Greys. I deliberately did the hair flat black to set them off from the clothing. 

End result is a couple of very dark women who are ready to kick ass and take names. Hopefully Zzzzzz likes them as well. The rest of the women in this lot are getting painted up first cause they are the most fun, but also cause I have limited time during the week until the public holiday at the end of the month when I will be able to dive into the line painting required for the Renegades. 

Keep an eye out.. more women on their way.. some might even be naked ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Progress from UK..

And so today is the last day I be in UK for this trip.. great little bit of weather here in Basingstoke, though being cooped up inside all day didn't mean I could enjoy any of it. Damn workshops :)

So I posted on Wednesday about the beginning of painting up the 200 Hobgoblins that I have for my Ottoman Chaos Dwarf army. Well here are the results..

Was able to finished 9 of them by Thursday morning, photo below. Not the greatest photo as the hotel room doesn't have the best light for painting things, let alone taking photos.

But I think you get the gist of what I was able to pull of. Original test model is on the far right.

From there, I then worked a bit more on the rest due to not as many nights out for company dinners or catch up with my UK client.

Progress for that can be seen below also.. Not much to look at as the good weather is now gone in UK just as I begin to leave. Sorry Englanders.. but I need to take the sun home with me. It is just the way it is. Feel free to visit in Turkey though.. we have plenty of sun there to share ;)

Left was first batch, and the right is second batch. No silver on it. Not sure if I will put any either actually. Lighter wash on the second batch though. 

August Work.. Project Redcoats and crew

So while here in Basingstoke, I met up with Zzzzzz of Devos IV fame. We exchanged "packages" all secret like.. ok.. well maybe not all secret like, but as secret as you can get while having coffee in Starbucks!

He got his Cawdor Gang back, and thankfully he liked them as much in person as my shoddy photos could show them off.

From this he then handed me a much larger bag of models to work on for August.

To be honest, it was much larger of a container than I was thinking it would be. And inside it held.. 

2 Army transport boxed from KR Cases. Ok, no problem I am thinking, except when you open them up and you get..

Yes.. 8 trays each holding up to 36 models a piece! What's better is that there is quite the mix inside also.

Ranging from the Renegade Red coats, to Necromunda gangs of Van Saar, Escher and Redemtionists. Some very old Rogue trader IGs, some converted Gors and mutants, and lots of naked ladies! My blog hits will rise considerably once I get around to painting those I can tell you. Plus he has some very nice Heresy and other manufacturer models that I have been itching to paint, and now I get to!

So August will be a busy month for me in painting this all up, thankfully there is a 2 week holiday near the end of it that I can sit down and focus on all this. So expect lots of updates on this in August..

As a bonus he also threw in this Lord of Change model! Kind of like a thank you, plus I will never use it so you may as well have it, kind of gift! So expect something in return matey.. can't let such generosity go without something in return ;)

Now back to regular painting for myself in the meantime.. those Hobgoblin Archers won't paint themselves!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ottoman Dwarf Updates?

PSYCH! Well.. ok not fully..

This project is one that for whatever reason, I am more obsessed with the creation of the Hobgoblins than the actual Dwarfs which is strange.

Well since I am in Basingstoke for work, I did another side topic on last Sunday to test out a color scheme for the 200+ Old School OOP Plastic Goblins from GW that I got off eBay. Was picked up for a cheap price when it seemed that everyone and their uncle were selling them.

Color scheme is simple enough to not require a ton of colors. Also the sand I think I am really liking and will redo the rest to match this now.

Base color is Primer Grey mixed with Tierra Earth.. both from Vallejo. I think the color was good for a base, and the primer is helping it stick to the plain plastic better also.

So basic comparison shots below..

As stated.. nothing special, but when you have 200 of them.. well.. they don't deserve too much :) I brought 45 with me, so will see if/when I can get some painted up. Most likely it will be before I head to the office, and for a bit before going to bed at night. Progress picks to come..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Daemon: Herald of Slannesh

Ok, so I stated a while back that I was converting a Lord of Tzeentch to a Herald of Slannesh.. and here she is..

Fairly straight forward paint job on her though.

Claws got the same work as the rest of the daemonettes, armor is a bit more pronounced and bronzey, and her hair was done with out the extreme use of washes..

Skin is also a bit lighter so that she stands out more than the rest.

I wanted to keep it simple as the model itself is quite simple as it were.

Not much else to write here actually.. since I am chilling in the hotel at the moment in Basingstoke, and I had finished this model just before flying out here.

Was a good little distraction on Sunday while trying to figure out how busy my week was going to be.

More photos below now.. and showing how she looks in the unit itself. The pose does make her look like she is bowing.. which is pretty cool considering that when she is finished, she will decapitate whomever is standing in front of her :)


Monday, July 23, 2012

How to build a modular table...

.. and not from me :)

A fellow blogger Paradox0n has been doing up a series on how he is going on and making his own modular table. This guy keeps coming up with new and innovative ways of working within the hobby. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you really should. I keep going back for his How To's and this one is no different.

He starts off with How to Build a Frame for the actual table. His style shows how to use common items found from the local hardware store.

He then moves onward to include some hills on the board, just like another modular board that you can buy from a well known company that overprices their products ( and yet the lure of them is still visible.. le sigh.. ).

From the above, the next obvious stop is the texturing of the boards themselves His method is quick and dirty, but hey.. it gets the job done and the results cannot be disputed.

The last one in the series at the moment is the final painting of the texture, but also his flocking technique. I have to say, that it is pretty impressive idea on how he goes about it, and so you should go and check it out!

So go and check this blog out, have a look around, and nick a few of his HowTo styles. Cause I can definitely tell you I will be doing just that in time. More so when I get to work on my own Modular tables in time.

Cheers for now!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Daemon Project: Herald of Nurgle

Ok so had some time last night to work on this bad boy.. though my back and legs were killing me from the night before's kickboxing adventures.. am kind of thankful that I am taking a week off before going back. I might be recovered by then. :)

Anyways.. some photos of the (almost) finished Herald of Nurgle.. I say almost because seeing the blown up photos I see I need to fix the eyes and the skull on his front. So will tackle that tonight.

He really adds some contrast to the unit with the pale skin compared to the normal vibrant green I have been using in the Nurgle units. Makes it easier for me and my opponent to notice I have a Herald on foot in the unit also.

Next up will be the Slannesh Herald. Simpler paint job going on it as it is mostly skin and armor so.. will post it up next week though.. enjoy the weekend in the meantime!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A little off kilter for today..

So a bit off the normal path for topics today.. first off, I mentioned yesterday that a few things in 'life' will get in the way to painting.. one such thing was a resurgence of an old sport that I took part in a while back. Kickboxing!

Unfortunately.. it is a classic case of memories of a good exercise that pushed me to join it, and that I currently have the physical presence of a typical gamer/painter. Meaning, quite a few extra pounds, the norm of hours painting or gaming with the most strenuous part being the lifting of the army transport bag or moving a table to game on. So although I did go through the whole 1.5 hr class ( with several breaks ) I am quite sore today.. my legs feel like I have run a marathon ( or at least that is what I think as I have only seen them and never participated in them :) ).

This is how confident I felt before going to the class.. 

This is more how I felt during the class.. minus the hair frosting.. 

That being said, will go more, and hopefully be more the top photo instead of the bottom one.

Now back to painting more lava bases tonight, and get that section finished.. cheers

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So much lava.. so little time..

Again I sat down last night and began to work on some more lava bases.. the images above make them look different, and to a small degree they are, but not as drastic as the photo came out.. its just the reflection of my desk lamp that is affecting the right most bases.

Started them at 8pm last night, and got finished ( and took the shoddy photos ) at around midnight or so..

Not much else to say aside from.. there is still some more to go..

As you can see I have another batch of 96 to go, a couple more stragglers up top there, and a batch of 20 that were my first tests for batch painting them. Just have to do the greys on them to finish that small selection.

Once this is all done, then the 25mm bases are finished, and I can re-focus on the painting of models..

Expect delays coming however as work is picking up again, as are the travels associated with them. So updates will be less frequent.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Project Daemons: Herald of Nurgle WIP

Just a quick one.. I am working on the Nurgle Lord from GW.. picked it up while in Brussels last week.

I am not sold on the green sections, but the skin outside of that is starting to take shape. The armor has not been given any rush yet, and I really want to do some OSL on the helmet eye holes also.

The horns also need more work, but it is shaping up nicely all that parts aside..

Also began to convert the Tzeentch Lord into a Herald of Slannesh. I replaced the head with a Daemonette head, and the 2 Tzeentch hands/weapons. The Daemonette Champion claws were good substitutes here.

Should be fun to paint her up and stick her with the rest of the glorious Daemonette hordes.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Ok, so before I headed to Belgium for work, I had the chance to drill out the parts needed to work on the resin lava bases. Then I had to wait all the way until this past weekend to be able to work on them again..

So here is Sunday's efforts on this first set of 96 Lava Bases..

First stage.. getting the magnets inserted to all the bases. Not time consuming, but I did it for all 400+ bases at once.. so took me about 2 hrs..

I re-primed them grey with the Airbrush. Was trying something out, and I have reservations on how well it worked.. but this took me about 5 minutes..

First color laid down.. the red.. and it was quite bright here.. I was not too careful with it as I wanted a full coverage as I could get with it. Again this took me about 5 minutes..

Second color came in on the Orange.. here I aimed for mostly the edges, with the odd center piece. I have to be more careful here next time, as I did not get enough of the centers it seems, and a lot of bases turned out to be too dark red in the middle. Again.. 5 minutes here.. man I love my airbrush :)

Last color before traditional painting came into effect.. yellow.. and here I just did spots. Tried to get a good coverage with a thinned color.. so had to hit the same spots 3-4 times. But since the paint is thin, and Istanbul is an oven, this dried quickly, and again took maybe 5 minutes.. probably less actually.

Here I moved from my workshop to the TV room as the airbrush was no longer useful. I applied Tamiya Clear Orange at this point with the brush while watching Project X on the TV. It took me roughly 15 minutes to apply this stage. But I was starting to get too engrossed into the movie as it reminded me of my youth and my house parties I threw when I bought my first place. Though thankfully it was not AS trashed as the movie house.

And it is at this point that things slow right down. To get a good coverage here, I used the paintbrush, and it took me almost 1.5 hrs to complete. Then another 45 minutes to get the edges done. I am not sure if I can blame the movie or the brush for that, but whatever it is what it is.. But they are starting to look better at this point..

Finished product. With the 2 shades of grey drybrushed over the rocks, they are finished. Now I can begin the process of putting the other finished models to them now. Work for another evening in front of the TV I believe. More for the Air Conditioning than for ease of painting.

Only have 2 more sheets of these, plus a half sheet left. Not to mention the odd sized bases such as the cavalry, monsters, and swarm bases. But those still need magnets so will be done much later.
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