Thursday, December 20, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Wolf Cavalry

Last actual unit for this army that I have to paint up ( though I still have some weapons to finish up for some Long Fangs which should be interesting to do up). 

These are the Wolf Cavalry. Have to say, that my motivation for this army, and for space wolves are very low. So I am putting as much effort as I can to get the main pieces done, and then will probably have to go back over a couple of them to touch them up in places. Will be doing that over the next week while on vacation and where I have some more time to work on such pieces. 

Still have to put snow on everything on this army, so where you see some flat pieces on the bases, it is intentional. 

Photos of this unit below.. 

And now, I go after the characters. This should be interesting. First up are the Njal twins.. did a bit of prep on them last night, and have put them to the painting pot stands ready for priming. As you can see, the one in power armor already has paint from the client's original attempts on it, but I will be covering over that and starting from scratch. 

Huge gaps on the Njal in Terminator armor. For where the arms attach to the body. So some putty, and Liquid Putty were applied to hide them, and smooth it out as well. Only real points made for these 2 were that the beards are red, and the staffs are glowy.. so will see how that goes, and how I pull it off. 

But as the other post states.. its my birthday today.. so don't expect them to get any work on them until Saturday though! Cheers


  1. Hola
    Guau como molan si señor

  2. Great painting , very nice the skin faces

  3. Bloody Brilliant looking unit. I love the Audiobook of the Thunderwolf unit the name escapes me but They looks awesome. Look forward to seeing the runepriests done.

  4. Thanks everyone! Am glad they are finished, and I am almost finished with this army.


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