Friday, December 21, 2012

Photo Tent tests..

With the photo tent assembled, I have begun taking some test shots. Looking at trying to find the best combo available within it. 

First thing I have found.. the stock lights that came with it are not good enough. Plus they are placed directly above the item. Considering that this tent is for eBay item photos, I am not surprised. So I am using the normal lights I have for painting with it as well. 

So below are a couple of shots of one of the dog cav, against different backgrounds. Let me know which you think are the better ones.. 


And one of the other items I worked on last night was a FW Khorne Terminator head. Was a kind of test on another skin recipe, and also on the Khorne Red colorings that will come with the actual Khorne models soon to show up. Took me a while to paint up, but I really liked how it came out though. But it was an absolute pain to take a photo of it though. 


  1. Taking photos is my least favourite part of the hobby, as mine never come out nice. I've often considered grabbing a tent as well, but other things always seem to take priority.
    As for your pics, I think 6, 7 and 8 are the obvious bests, so I'd continue with those as you tweak the settings.

    Good job.

    1. Thanks Adam.. was thinking those and the first one being my more favorite as well. Will play around with it a bit more this week while I have time off :) Plenty of new items to test with as well.

  2. Nice Khorne Kob, Mr Lee. Obviously just for practice 'coz they'd all want to be wearing helmets....

    1. Thanks Zzzzzz.. and what? These are only tests? I shouldn't use them? Heh.. yeah, was showing a friend of mine how I paint faces, while also using it to calm down after a hard day at work. But I think I have the recipe to paint the rest of the Khorne guys.. but they won't have heads of khorne like this one.. ;)


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