Monday, December 24, 2012

Project Infinity: Nomads

Ok to these are for my Nomad faction in Infinity. Models that have been said to be finished or in a semi finished state for far too long!

The hacker on the left I thought was finished until I was working on the Moran Hunter. I say this, cause after doing up the gun for the Moran, I looked back at the Hacker, and said hell no! So a touch up was required.

For the hacker, I updated his chest plate, his leg bands, and his gun. Plus his arm bands. To give it a bit more of a NMM ( poorly but attempted anyway ) for them and the gun.

For the Moran, he has been finished for a while in all areas except skin and metals. So I went to work on those sections there for him. I like how the skin came out honestly, and the NMM on the guns and such. It was the white gloves that I was not sure of, but they are growing on me. It is actually what prompted me to redo parts of the Hacker itself.

I have kept the cloak simple on because I wanted to make him look more simple, and make it seem like he can blend into things a bit better. Since he is not so flashy and all. It should work with regards to his rules for being a minimalist camouflage ability.

Was difficult to photography him on the black background, but in the end I think I got it.

These 2 guys will be part of my Tale of Skirmishers pledge on Warseer for December. Not sure what I will start for that tale next month, but this is good enough for this month as I have other projects that need attention.

Expect a lot of posts this week as it is holiday week for me, and I am hopeful for a lot of time painting!

And to everyone back home.. enjoy the holidays.. hope there is a nice dinner where ever you are.. and have a slice of pumpkin pie for me!


  1. oo, back to infinity, huh? Reminded me that I also need to revisit them sometime...

    I liked the job you did on them, especially the metals look ace.

    and also, marry xmas to you too mate.

    1. Yup.. need to get these guys finished so that next time we play we have painted models to show off ;)

      And thanks for the merry wishes.. hope work ain't kicking you around too much and you get to enjoy the New Years!


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